March 12th news, informed of the latest, before the baby tree was released "2014 annual Chinese maternal Consumer Behavior Research Report", the report shows that pregnant baby products expenditure accounted for 30.79% of household spending in maternal and child populations, as the major expenditure.

maternal and child population expenditure direction

pregnant baby products and food expenses accounted for the bulk, followed by clothing consumption. Baby products is the main direction of this part of the consumer. The resulting huge market capacity, the mother of this category is the red sea but entrepreneurship is still high, honey bud baby Liu Nan believes that this year will be the maternal electricity supplier price war a year, will quickly enter the industry reshuffle.

it is understood that the electricity supplier channels to buy baby products accounted for about 55%, of which mobile phone business platform accounted for 32.36% of maximum. In addition, most of the mothers are through the mobile phone network to obtain maternal and child products and brand information, accounting for up to 70.94%. Visible mobile shopping has penetrated into the maternal and child crowd shopping habits.

in addition to the phone, the mother to buy the online part of maternal and child products, electronic business platform accounted for 22.88%. Under the line, the product store, integrated stores and supermarkets accounted for 23.72%, respectively, 11.43% and 9.06%.

in baby products online shopping category, most mothers do not want to buy milk and baby food supplement on the Internet, accounted for 34.94% and 31.48%. Respondents said that the emergence of this phenomenon is mainly afraid to buy fake, worried about shelf life issues. In the purchase of milk powder, the main consideration to the mother and child store to buy, then consider the supermarket.

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