With the 2015

year reshuffle, maternal electricity supplier rampant tide also was left out several real strength of the platform. However, this does not mean the end of the game between the maternal electricity supplier industry, from the first half of this year’s situation, the game between did not eliminate, but much worse: in June, honey bud just cooperate with the Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV named "61" party will immediately, babe network announces $100 million D round of financing and this close combat, in the first half of 2016 is not the first time. Careful observation is not difficult to find, the mother and child electricity supplier behind the game, relying on a strong capital support. It is worth noting that in the winter capital, behind the platform electricity supplier financing is also a little more indistinct.

marketing Wars: Honey bud with both


all the first half of 2016, maternal electricity industry, marketing war PK the most powerful, is the industry’s top two: Honey bud and babe. The comparison of the two marketing war means, it can be said that the fit is very close:

first, in early January 2016, honey bud announced the title has mango TV New Year’s concert, Hunan TV Chinese Spring Festival and lantern joy will be, babe network followed in April and May, respectively in the East and Shandong satellite TV title two small party; February, honey bud announced a partnership with God, car, launch "pregnant mother car" project, babe network in May followed by a joint optimization step in a "key when mom"; February, honey bud announced joint amcare, strategic investment swimming hall, 020 development plan, the layout of the baby industry, May Zhang Lianglun open table baby babe CEO services under the line shown promising; honey bud March diapers snapped lingering unfinished, Beibei in May to catch the "mother’s Day" promotion Express; at the beginning of June, honey bud combined with Golden Eagle cartoon and CCTV, the launch of 2 children’s Day party, immediately announced mid Beibei Complete D round of financing $100 million.

capital backing: Valuation of over 1 billion Unicorn enterprise

in fact, between the two and the honey bud baby has been able to play such a marketing war with vigour and vitality, the reason behind still has a strong capital support.

first look at the honey bud, from its birth, it is known as the darling of the capital". A year and a half to complete the 4 round of financing, and all of the top domestic venture capital institutions. With the September 2015, BAT giant Baidu’s entry, honey bud has also laid its dominant position in the maternal and child electricity supplier industry. In February 2016, honey bud in Beijing held a press conference, when a reporter asked, honey bud when the next round of financing, honey bud CEO Liu Nan made it clear that the honey bud is not bad money, D round of financing of $150 million and a half did not spend……

look at the baby, is also regarded as the air fast company: January 2015 completed C $100 million round of financing, the speed is very fast, and become the unicorn to overestimate the value of $1 billion enterprise. But so far, about babe network financing.

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