therefore, to remind customers in the service outsourcing company website optimization, we must make clear the following questions.

When it comes to service?Why

two, you ask the Shanghai dragon service providers, to provide keyword optimization or ZhengZhan optimization

relates to this? There are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng customers do not understand, always thought that the keyword ranking.

Shanghai dragon, informally, through a series of optimization processes will be the site of your target keywords have a better search engine rankings in Shanghai. The keyword of the website has a good ranking, there will be potential customers to enter your site through search keywords, there is also potential customers enhance the cornerstone of your business volume.

when the client first and Wang Shifan established cooperative relations, Wang Shifan will repeatedly remind customers "are you sure you want to do site optimization?" and "do you put the site to me for?", "you sure do these keywords, do not change?", some friends will think to ask customers the customer will run around, then what’s the list. In fact, this idea is wrong. The reason for this repeatedly remind customers, on the one hand we do is for the sake of customers, that they are putting too much hope and business volume ranking optimization Website; on the other hand is for the sake of our own, if a customer so we irresolute and hesitant, and work to the middle stage, suddenly put forward don’t continue to work, even if we have a contract to do security, in the end also make both happy, such cooperation can be a long time?

example: Wang Shifan wanted to bring order for their own independent blog, then the specific steps are: 1. the construction of one of their own independent blog. 2. according to the customer’s search habits, determine the goals of the web site keywords and long tail keywords (railway station to the long tail keywords, wait for the site to have a certain foundation to optimize target keywords high flow 3.) according to the key words to do inside and outside the station optimization, called ZhengZhan optimization. 4. after 1-3 months of hard work, key to the specified location, began to enter the late maintenance work. 5. the last step is to find ways to improve the site traffic conversion rate.

, you are not really understand Shanghai dragon? Do you think the keywords to the home page is

conversion rate, Wang Shifan to Shanghai Longfeng colleagues to be fair, many customers think Shanghai dragon ER is "provide orders", they understand the very nature of the keywords to the home page is the order. In fact, they did not understand the relationship between keywords, flow, home of the three order. Keywords to the home page must flow? The flow of orders? These three, there is a long way to go. As Shanghai dragon ER, can guarantee that only the keyword or process from traffic to flow! Orders, customers need strong sales ability, this is also part of the conversion rate.

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