site traffic often reflects a keyword by user attention, in fact, determine which are most popular are easy to achieve. The installation of a traffic statistics program in the bottom of the site can be achieved. Of course, this should be integrated for a long period of time and data analysis. For example, through flow analysis the author found that "Shanghai site construction" attention is far greater than the "Shanghai website", so when we determine the key words, can be targeted. Remove the traffic analysis system, we can carry out the same business with other counterparts in the reference site, is how to determine the key words. In fact, determine the key words by comparing the peer website, than simply rely on flow analysis to determine more accurately.

traffic must be sold? Certainly not, because the flow is reflected in a keyword is more, but this does not mean that the user real consumer demand. For example, iPhone4S before and after birth, coincides with its founder Steve · Jobs died, how many sites are the first time forwarded this article. Those who reach the second site, thus getting too much traffic, but the traffic is what effect? Remove to a web server in the instant enormous pressure, and no positive meaning too much. Because of the short flow, can not give the website weight impact, will not produce any marketing effect.

two, the flow is not equal to the sales of

from any sales website ranking, are not really meaningful ranking. The author has been in such a misunderstanding of subjective thinking, with tremendous effort to "high-quality website construction" the keywords to search engine optimization before three, but unfortunately no one search. Every ten days over a flow, this is the site keywords ranking in front, and what is the significance? More importantly, each each keyword ranking, are needed to support the corresponding website weight. Although this can be a pleased with oneself, narcissism, but at the expense of the weights of the website, The loss outweighs the gain.

, a website of the weight is limited in a specific period of time, and the website weight is a relative concept, and specific keywords ranking is not equal. But there is no doubt that there is need to have the website keywords ranking weights, and the weights of the website is to consume, as the link exchange, the number of links will affect the average output value of the same website weight. For a web site, its weight is very precious, it requires us to determine when the site keywords cautious. The precise selection of appropriate, consistent theme of the site and business needs of key words, will be good use in the steel blade, make conversion website weight better for ranking, traffic, sales, enhance the network marketing effect will be strong.

some sites waste weight, set up a lot of words, but also a lot of keywords ranking is higher.

, a ranking is equal to the flow of

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