is a dynamic operation, this operation is to establish a dynamic interactive platform, in-depth exchanges with guests. To meet the guests on the company’s trust and dependence, resulting in benefits. A simple approach is the QQ group to build a communication platform of Web site and build an interactive module.

and dynamic operation is we should take the initiative to establish contact with the guests, the guests and the introduction of active and establish discussion. But in my opinion the dynamic and static operation operation is a contradictory way. In contrast to the combination of marketing or. To attract customers website, we are active to do some good things to customers, allow customers to passively accept it all, that.

more than two times is his theories are based on actual combat experience. No matter whether he is really too real. Generally speaking, I agree with his ideas, but also not agree. While the static operation is Shanghai dragon or SEM. He is strongly opposed to Shanghai dragon and SEM.

may talk from a single Shanghai dragon too monotonous and pure. Today a friend mentioned his law on customer experience. It is mainly from two aspects to explain how to carry out electronic commerce. Its purpose is to overthrow the Shanghai dragon concept. Regardless of which are based on the perspective of Web site operators to explain.

is a static operation. Static operation is said to static web pages to attract customers reach the goal of trading, resulting in profit. The main form is the construction site a valuable forum, to attract users. The final expression is to get good rankings in search engines.

so Shanghai dragon form for enhancing the user experience is that guests want to see on the site is filled with content, and guests to be solved, or let the customer can easily accommodate enterprises. Let go and guests exchange content. While a passive way to establish contact with customers. This is just the friend said static operation. Have the same place.

On the other hand,

I followed him and he analyzed. Shanghai dragon is actually using search engine directory function, to achieve the various parties classification, and then through the ranks of the competition between enterprises. Also can performance between electronic commerce and electronic commerce war. According to the actual experience of Shanghai dragon is able to give up to bring a lot of customers. But the ranking is not the ultimate goal, but the user experience. But because a lot of Shanghai dragon Er put the emphasis in the wrong place, that is in the operation of ranking but seldom pays attention to the user experience. One is do not know how to improve the user experience, that is not enough, also is the enterprise of Shanghai dragon Er force. This is also a factor in Shanghai Longfeng Er is not working properly. But for the real will do Shanghai dragon people, should pay attention to the user experience is the most important question. This with my friend’s concept agree without prior without previous consultation.

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