down the right, on December 8th the key construction sites in Harbin suddenly fell fourth, but the Harbin website made the word suddenly on the first several years did not change the word Harbin website design also fell fourth, and seemed to have the relationship, then the snapshot appears inconsistent with the latest, also before, long tail keywords are not ranked, the whole site fell to second, and then decreased, the last word of Harbin website also fell eighth, but there is a strange phenomenon, it is included in a timely manner, basically after the release will be included, but the ranking is not good, sometimes there will immediately before ten pages were missing. In the face of this problem I don’t understand, but still want to, I began to change.

Take my site first status of

third: check the external links, found the normal station PR and external links and links are not many, is a natural link, but these sites PR and domain name registration time is still very long, look like love Shanghai or the tendency of the old domain and the Shanghai dragon were punished, but the two things I didn’t a sudden change of political reform, then the original, but yesterday the ranking did not change much, look like third points.

second: the comparison, I suddenly went up several contrast to recent ranking station, or ranking few changes in the station. They have a common, first is their density is very high, basically about 3%, indicating that a problem is not deliberately doing optimization, the content of the website is very natural. Secondly, do not do a lot of anchor text, bold rarely, even if there is the anchor point link are also within the page, can see the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon did a lot of attention, began to rule in Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station. The above conclusion after I began to simplify Shanghai dragon place, of course not all removed, reducing the density, fortunately before day Shanghai ranking has improved, right sample analysis. But it is still very slow, I still feel there is a problem, I tested.

recently love Shanghai adjustment I want many webmaster confused, let me very upset, I do not know how to respond, my site in the adjustment of the algorithm is also volatile, I haven’t fluctuation so big, I remember the last time I had no fluctuations, fell to second in the last few pages. Day I’ve been thinking about solutions, not stop testing, now ranking gradually restored, here is my practice, we refer to the following.

: first find links to external sites, it is found that there are many Links site: are not in the first place, I feel might be affected by these problems have removed the site, found that the site second days without any changes, and later found A5 and many other sites are not in the first place, I feel might be love is not Shanghai normal adjustment, such as A5 station original content is very high, if he is right, shows that there is a problem of love Shanghai, but why there are a lot of standing up, I decided to go and try it again.

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