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created a Alibaba, online shopping Alipay has become a life-saving straw, this topic to talk about integrity for thousands of years, in today’s online world, everyone just face without expression display, do not know each other is high and low fat thin, on the understanding of the goods only through several conventional parameters. Pay not to do things, or sell things without money and who complain.

Alipay largely solved the bottleneck of online shopping, but in some areas of expertise, or not enough, such as web transactions, a website to sell, transfer of many parameters including website content, domain name registration, modification and so on, Alipay knows not what is PV, do not know what ALEXA. Don’t know how to transfer the domain name, when the other person is not at home when it is more difficult to deal.

domain name trading is easy to encounter a trap, involving the transfer of the Registrar, the transfer domain name owner information, transfer domain name management rights, etc., especially in the safety of funds, to be extra careful. When a domain name through the Alipay deal, buyers will worry about pay, the other party can’t transfer the domain name how to do that, although each other to get money, but it can only be frozen in Alipay, the seller will worry the buyer to take the domain name does not confirm the payment to do, once to arbitration, it is certainly from the mind, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body.

international trade domain is recommended to use or, but the two companies minimum intermediary costs $50, is not cost-effective for small transactions, many domestic rice farmers on their transaction process is not very familiar with, payment involves both at home and abroad is more of a problem. In view of this market gap, there is a new domestic intermediary trading platform, only 4% of the intermediary fees, if the site is a member of the gold medal, but also lower. is a fully automatic trading platform, launched the transaction, negotiation and confirmation of the transaction, the buyer payment, then the seller will transfer the domain to CN, or transferred directly to the buyer, the buyer receives the domain name after the confirmation, so the seller can confirm the receipt of payment. If you are a personal webmaster, you can use Adsense network do intermediary, mainly low fee, he through the intervention to ensure the authenticity of the transaction, so also very safe.

domain transfer is a process cumbersome for ordinary users, the security problem and the more money the domain name is the key problem in the transaction process, if there is a professional intermediary and security can ensure the smooth progress of the transaction, trust, integrity in the domain name transaction will no longer be a sensitive topic.

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