I can tell you for sure, absolutely useful. But not like before, like crazy to buy a lot of simple links is not easy to make sense. The so-called Scindapsus algorithm, we can understand it as a filter, which has obvious link behavior of the web filtering, and the true meaning of the link is recommended, still. So this must take time and energy to exchange links.

Shanghai dragon end of the site itself in addition to decide on what path to follow? Output optimization as well as the value of content, Shanghai dragon where can find their way? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners feel very confused, and many Shanghai dragon orders also disappeared. Because not a single, pick one of the rankings do not. In order to give the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and Shanghai dragon enthusiasts confidence, we must establish a correct understanding of the Shanghai dragon. You must know that there is no mortal, only a mortal man. No matter how advanced search engine algorithm, how to adjust, absolutely is not possible to completely eliminate some tricky means, so we still have a lot of space station optimization, to quickly improve the ranking of Shanghai love.

in addition to the link outside the station optimization, but also how to do


so the user experience is optimized in the end can not rely on.

algorithm with constant adjustment of love Shanghai upgrade, recently Shanghai Longfeng a Starving people fill the land. pseudo original original, desperately? The people tired! Desperately to make the chain? That is no longer so so! Improve search volume with various click software? Some time ago did a little pipe, but now you ask is so good

about Shanghai dragon and Phoenix station optimization, the link is not completely no longer works

also is to brush the drop-down box, brush keyword index and so on, these love Shanghai can also detected easily, unless you are just a small brush that no index or index is very low, if you want to brush a high index, the index of a word or brush to a great love, Shanghai can still easily see search keywords and nature difference, and then in the sandbox, right down and so on.

clicks, many clicks are set of keywords and web site, and then through the software to automatically search and click, this is absolutely contrary to common sense. Under natural conditions, there are so many people, after searching for a word, other website a bit, and then click ranked 7, 8, or even second page website? Absolutely very little. Shanghai love can detect this easy clicks of the rankings rely on the way.


is the user experience. Click on the traditional love Shanghai, love Shanghai each brush software and so on are analog search engine users access, click and stop etc.. But some time ago the Shanghai special love to do the adjustment for these clicks, many clicks, each brush system has not. Why not how effective? Too good to detect.

For example

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