two, the anxious state of mind

three, the lack of sensitive sense of smell

four, we lack the creative idea of

as a novice, we don’t know what. Enter the company to go to work, the first task we take is the chain, hair every day how much in what forum, so again. Then we tired of this life, Q talk to a friend doing boring things. Is not the reason we have forgotten the hair of the chain, in just to complete the task assigned by the superior. If we start to study why the hair of the chain, put forward how to effectively ease the hair of the chain, our work will be quite different.

That year we

when we found that the chain can improve the ranking, we are thinking about how to make it faster. So may imperceptibly contact black hat tactics, as a novice we are at odds with the black hat is out of temptation, it is curious, then began to try to use the black hat. Finally, the terrible let us know, take the right path is the regular road site development. Like the Shanghai dragon is a game, the search engine is arranged into the game, we play it, have to comply with the rules.

because of the search engine is not too understanding, we observe the data appear to float time, also don’t know where to start the analysis. There is a saying do not understand the analysis data of Shanghai dragon ER is not a good Shanghai dragon ER. Indeed, data analysis was very important for each industry, not to mention the search engine data will speak, will send a website on top of it and its algorithm change. So we must learn the sensitive data, in order to cross the Shanghai dragon new steps.

as the new US, for those veterans very worship, often have them in the end is what is the best way to optimize the website so well. We always hope that they can teach you one or two strokes, rather than thinking about our research on search engine algorithms to improve the optimization method. Their old moves are on-line, regular optimization means new and practical, they are not so easily.



or Shanghai Longfeng novice, the Internet is full of curiosity, naive to think that as long as the society of Shanghai can play dragon search engine. That year we Shanghai Longfeng novice, what superiors say, what we do, never to think their way is right or wrong. The Shanghai dragon has been more than two years, think bitter history of the beginning, busy every day boring hair outside the chain, just know that this will make website ranking, but do not know why. As a novice, we are not lack of what, also easy to fall into the state of confusion, the author summarizes itself and the surrounding Shanghai Longfeng novice in common, 4 states we easily caught in the novice.

, like a robot with numbness of the chain


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