A: logical reasoning, simple reasoning that the user search habits, users will make the long tail word search, according to user search to the definition of long tail words, so as to promote the birth of precise traffic.

said a popular keyword is we made "half-dead" state, the main reason is the competition pressure is too large, the station itself is a low power of its important factors. The long tail word, the competition pressure is much lower. And the long tail word often has a characteristic: accurate positioning the user, along the long tail word brings flow, often also brought the most direct intent, if applied to the business profit, inevitable promote turnover rate improvement. A good website, there are at least dozens or even hundreds of thousands of words long tail. As can be imagined, if these long tail words can bring precise user, optimize its effect is not weaker than the primary key, and even take some large portals, the long tail word with effect is much higher. At the same time, choose the long tail words do optimization, but also cultivate the early weight, weight optimization in cumulative process of the same can be added to the core of the key word.


two: how to choose the long tail word

: why abandon hot, long tail of

three: the long tail word is how to tap the

keyword selection for website development achievement, popular keyword can bring considerable traffic, so many webmaster in positioning website keyword selection of "hot words" optimization. However, both advantageous have disadvantage, high return flow also need greater competitive pressure and difficult to optimize, which leads to many websites in the keyword optimization always half-dead. Site weight? Yes, but in the face of such a situation is not high, but the author thinks: decide on what path to follow? Select the abandoned popular keywords positioning, long tail word for the most appropriate. Take a step not just to go back to the times, to achieve more development space, so as to use the long tail effect of growth volume flow.

B: the use of similar tools, and now some keyword mining tools, mining analysis software can be a good word, not only set a lot of long tail words, even to the search, and.


long tail word simple, is an extension of the core keywords, such as: QQ, the long tail word is "QQ, QQ2011. The extension but long tail words do optimization is not blind to the primary key, there are many owners in the choice of the long tail words are often defined in some partial words, cold words, finally even thousands of words also have what use? The long tail word choice should be combined with the core part of speech keyword itself to locate a fever. Itself is not too hot, but there is still great difficulty to optimize the key words, the long tail word is shorter, more natural and better. In the long tail word choice mainly: in line with the user search habits, the most accurate and easy to flow with the long tail word for choice, can be a phrase or a sentence is ok.


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