chain of the road more and more narrow Shanghai dragon ER the phrase decide on what path to follow? Do you love, because love is to engage in search engine optimization so far, of course also have mixed feelings. From the line early, when I was a site editor, is looking forward to working with all my heart to make achievements. Later in the optimization this transition stand. The chain from hair to start. Today, with the continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, each search engine update, there are a large number of the chain was ruthless killing. The site also ranked as the roller coaster ups and downs. Of course, this also makes his way of the chain difficult. You do not know the people have this feeling. Today must and we complain about their view of the road of foreign chain. Want to really said that the Shanghai dragon ER

! is really not easy!


reality? Some forum builders are also not easy, painstakingly built forum is to give everyone to create a high-quality interactive network environment. Who do not want their own forum was outside the chain of small ads for pollution. In order to deal with the daily work, in order to improve the site keywords ranking, the Shanghai dragon ER crazy digging can do the chain forum. As the saying goes, the power of science and technology is great, manual hair is not fun, but also gave birth to some forum mass. It’s also like posting content in the BBS moderator hated this miserable, forcing the moderator open >

first to complain about is the chain to win, no matter what, included? Articles are without their own ideas? A search engine to see articles to attract readers, and talk about what the conversion rate? Of course, someone will ask, work out there, not to go, how can CTRL+V CRTL+C complete the daily work? Who do you want to go to work, just write a thoughtful article. Can the dream into reality is very cruel, don’t allow time, boss is not allowed, the customer is not allowed. It also created a chain member of a group of similar and roadside small ads posted. Unfortunately I also belong to one of them. But hate heart, unable to change the

here is the chain way about a few we are doing is the most commonly used it, maybe you are a novice trying, or you have experience. But I also hope you can calm down to take a look. For their work, but also for their own future.

let’s talk about the forum, this is a can add anchor text (Note: most BBS can add anchor text), the weight of import can play a crucial role in the release of the chain place. I have seen in many articles on anyone to teach you how to do the forum outside the chain, and check BBS weight is a check BBS PR value and so on truth, like some of the same street training course instructor (off the reel I also can not help but wonder whether he did)! Believe that if you do, sure will sniff at

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