over the past 5 years, the noble baby search interface have been changed considerably, from the previous single site to show results, with pictures, video, news, local information, social information, so that the report is a little outdated. The Eye analysis of Shanghai dragon Moz Tracking seemed to be able to cater to the new user interface of the noble baby focus on status.

original source has not test, only for reference

analysis we can go to watch the original, here is one picture:

!As for

users in the use of search engine Eye Tracking, the earliest in 06, the Cornell University has done to study the behavior of participants through the search for the 397 key words in the noble baby summed up a more comprehensive statistical report, the original report: Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science see Groups. Then someone according to the report made a direct "click and distribution of attention behavior (see the original map" as follows: Distribution of Clicks on s SERPs:



Analysis of specific According to the analysis of Shanghai dragon

Moz recently in Shanghai Longfeng people search results page behavior in the noble baby had a very interesting research: Eye-Tracking. We can be simply understood as "attention tracking". Many people have heard of the "click" Heat Map "- infraredimages, with statistical behavior to the user clicks on the page. Through the Heat Map data can easily help us to find out the problems in web design, improve the conversion rate, increase the power for the top three hot spots, increasingly fierce competition! Distribution of nobility baby top ten click, you can read the previous article, the following is once popular the network love Shanghai and noble baby click thermography contrast:

1:Local/Places (local business information) to attract most of the attention

"noble baby)


here MOZ (around several key words Pizza expansion) make a brief summary, hope to those who are English Shanghai dragon friends help (note that this study involves only the attention of eyes move, does not involve the mouse click):

in a few keywords of the testing and different search results pages, local businesses to show some basic attracts more than 80% attention than row >

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