station has introduced a keyword mining tools in mining the long tail keywords used to follow the word keyword tool (贵族宝贝weidu贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng -tools/54.html), the article added after the word link to the official website, the search engine will be how to identify this link is paid or voluntary users add

buy links

love Shanghai Ali slightly, now can not see her figure.


algorithm is the most popular topic of Shanghai green dragon circles recently, love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm in February 19, 2013 on the line, went into effect in February 20th. Some owners heard that killed many websites Scindapsus algorithm, began to panic, micro Shanghai dragon reminder: for the earnest do stand webmaster, Scindapsus algorithm is only a paper tiger, is not terrible.

in the past, a friend to rely on Ali slightly selling links each month thousands of income, the friend’s site is not too much, but were ordinary blog. Ali is slightly well-known link trading platform, webmaster by adding code to provide Ali slightly on the website automatically link transaction.


link between

love Shanghai algorithm mainly link trading behavior against Scindapsus, therefore, the affected site is nothing more than three: link intermediary, selling links website, buy links.

link?If you have a

search engine to determine the site to buy a


no sale no killing, if there is no link to purchase behavior, there would be no sale link behavior, intermediary links will disappear. Therefore, most of the fight is buy links.

?For example, the How to

in a flagrant way of selling links behavior is tantamount to love Shanghai shouted: Hello, I want to sell you, why? If this kind of website is not punishment can only be said to be lucky. However, if the buyer agreed with our private, love Shanghai and I know how to sell

if you sell links on the page or pages specifically, then it is easy to see. But if you are selling links relevant to the theme of the article, the search engine and how to learn

The sale of

link website

search engine every year N times greatly small algorithm updates, every major update will impact on many web sites, the algorithm about the impact of green


but we love Shanghai a link in the transaction, you can see some visible link trading platform, love Shanghai does not link trading platform yiguoduan. In fact the search engine is not in the algorithm then began to link against the green trading behavior, but this algorithm update strengthened crackdown.

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