iResearch released the third quarter of 2010 Chinese e-commerce market monitoring data show that in 2010 Q3 Chinese e-commerce market overall turnover scale of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%, the growth rate has declined relative to Q2. From this set of data can be seen, the development space of electricity market is huge, but also increasingly fierce competition for enterprises, how to find a breakthrough in such a competitive upsurge, there is no doubt that only innovation can become an evergreen tree industry.

iResearch December 7th news, Baidu officially announced a strategic investment in building the online shopping platform Home Furnishing Qijia network in the field of electronic commerce, third times more action and this is Baidu in 2010, is the first line of cool days, then there is ah platform upgrade, to today’s strategic investment, every action seemingly irrelevant, but this is the core strategy through "show the Baidu electricity supplier of electronic commerce life".

Baidu upgrade ah, electricity supplier model innovation

Baidu announced in October 29th, will open its new strategic level service platform — ah life, build a life navigation platform, and provide authoritative information for localization of life business release effect, marketing, marketing value-added services such as marketing solutions for life.

upgraded ah life platform provides the local marriage, mother, family services, education and training, sports health, entertainment and many other life classification information navigation, the user can according to the type of business, service, price, area of browsing, can also provide preferential services to screening, group purchase business.

from the business model point of view, ah life plays a leading role in this industry, and other business models differ, e-commerce is no longer a business behavior, but more is to help consumers solve the "what to buy, how to buy" problem, this problem is Baidu looks the most clearly. To meet this demand, the introduction of life channel, will be living with the business combination, the "life consumption" clearly.

music cool days on-line, to promote the development of the industry

in October 19th this year, the wildly beating gongs and drums in preparation for 10 months after Baidu joint venture Lotte cool days officially launched. The cool days of CEO Nakamura Akihito on the future development strategy of Tencent technology detailed website, and revealed that the current cool days of technical service than Taobao 0.5%. , this is undoubtedly a challenge to Taobao in the dominance of the situation, but this is a good news for the industry as a whole, because only in the continuous competition in order to improve and promote the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

however, the author thinks that the cool days and Taobao both competitors, is also a partner, the China personal consumption is very high, e-commerce accounted for a very small proportion, cool days and Taobao not to grab this 2% share, but with Taobao the market bigger, the electronic commerce in personal consumption the ratio increased to 10%, or even 20%.


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