is the default address tag! For all links on the page set. Is the site for the site positioning. Do the equivalent of a permanent redirection. The label should be how to write

, three tags (title, keywords, description)

Now the

enterprise website also is not common love comes to set the robots.txt, personal feeling is set to look better, some JS these masked the best, there is a sitemap site map is important, of course, important, sitemap settings can let spiders better index the entire enterprise station, "

must carry 贵族宝贝. Add the location of the META tag in the page source code there is the place we write the title, key words fill the code.

two, 301 do not

four, robots.txt and sitemap

The how to do?In many cases

three, 404 pages

enterprise station station that unlike the industry whole optimization, more is to optimize the key words, especially when in the network company such received hundreds of enterprises list can be found, not only needs to be optimized for the entire station industry station, internal optimization of the enterprise stand is also very important. The internal fix, to ease the external building.

have found that many enterprise site is not 404, you do not seem to care about this. The 404 page is not important, personal feeling is with the best, note 404 page, 404 page cannot be set directly jump to the home page that will make the search engine to determine the cheating, is the best guide links provided on the 404 page, can be returned to the home, to return to the previous page, you can also add enterprise the site of the call, let the spider climb up their own.


the problem seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar friends, for enterprise stand for what the title is conspicuous? I personally think that can be used to underline or delimiter separated keywords, plus the name of enterprise website. For example:. Keywords is keyword selection and enterprise station related products, of course, is valuable, do not flow to where? And for the description of the wording, to key words cleverly integrated into the description inside, not abrupt and piling up, key words repeated 2 times.

page that enterprises should pay attention to the optimization of station in what place? The author analyzes that can be divided into the following aspects:


server configuration problem and the problem of low efficiency of personnel, 301 permanent redirection is not done well, then what do we do? Don’t worry, there is a way to solve this problem. That is the "benchmark label", that is

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