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industry promotion website optimization, website internal optimization usually for the entire layout of the site, the key word set and streamlined code. These are some common problems. Now we should introduce key aspects of industry website internal optimization (it includes three aspects: 1, website optimization, website products; 2 column optimization; 3, website news program optimization.

to industry website, its purpose is to achieve product sales through the website of the platform. So, you have to go through a series of means of network marketing, to improve industry website visibility and site traffic. The search engine is an important way of network user access to data and information, is also in line with the network environment for people to obtain information habits. So, the search engine website is developing quickly, SEM marketing in this environment, should need to adapt the network era. Through search engine optimization and promotion of industry website, improve website traffic is a recognized industry website promotion channels. Do optimization promotion, flow transformation can achieve industry website promotion and low cost high.

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site optimization is always a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er are discussed emphatically. For the novice Shanghai dragon Er, the interior of the website optimization is always a difficult to unlock the secrets of. However, the more so, the more can stimulate many researchers interested in Shanghai dragon er. Perhaps this is the Shanghai dragon who are engaged in the website optimization ability required by the business. I was engaged in the Shanghai dragon, although the successful optimization of several websites, but to say to do internal optimization or sciolistic. There is a saying: "among the stations to do within the chain, the chain". This can be understood, for a large site, the interior of the website optimization, through its powerful station resources integration, achieve good performance of keyword search. To the station, the content is limited in the website optimization process, the chain is a forceful guarantee for improving station site weight. What station do internal optimization do not? The answer is no.. In fact, small industry website, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is equally important, but it needs internal resources continuously enriched, to play its energy to. According to the author’s own experience and on the network of outstanding case analysis, summarizes several experiences of Shanghai dragon industry website internal optimization. For users reference

1, an industry website is the website portal, network users fully understand the site entrance, his relationship to the site optimization of the core keywords ranking can not be ignored. The optimization of the home page should give full consideration to the user experience of the website and search engine friendly. As far as possible to make important information website full display on the website home page. At the same time considering the optimization of web search engine, web page need to set up the website keyword articles and adopt what kind of strategy links. The optimization of the page 2 of the website, product display. The product page can be said to promote the industry key page website traffic conversion >


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