"tongsudeshuo," precise keyword matching technology "is suitable for web advertising collocation." Yang Yang said, "in an IELTS test content of the page, we recommend a new channel IELTS IELTS, Beijing Foreign Studies University college, UK advertising for users to completely match the user’s needs," is a vivid manifestation of advertising is content. "."

in fact, targeted advertising keywords matching technology is not a new thing on 2005, when the Shanghai love on-line related products, advertising, but accuracy is extremely difficult to improve. Yang Yang admitted, "the technology is very difficult, in front of a few years in the process of trial and error, we start again. After a long period of exploration and accumulation, in the final analysis, page relevance model, high performance of the retrieval system and other aspects of a breakthrough for the successful development of foundation."

network speed transit technology innovation is what kind of, enough to impress Robin Li? In April 11th, in Shanghai Xiamen alliance webmaster communication meeting, personally took over from Robin Li million dollar awards love Shanghai senior engineer Yang Yang, to the webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs are introduced in detail WebUnion keyword to obtain precise matching technology – 1 million prize

precise matching technology value is: advertisers can not only reduce the cost, improve the user experience, and bring more high quality traffic capacity is improved with the increase of cash website. "In such a virtuous cycle system, our technology innovation is ignited positive cycle engine."

technical innovations allow precise keyword matching technology to produce a beautiful transcript: on the one hand will not related to advertising alliance website was reduced by 50%, the main effect of advertising conversion year-on-year growth of 379%; on the other hand, urged the number of advertisers has increased 15 times, average advertising revenue increased 300% webunion. Yang Yang said, "the advertising industry has an old saying:" I know the wasted advertising costs in half, but I don’t know which half the waste ‘in the end, precise keyword matching technology to help advertisers to fill the gap in the cost of waste."

Yang Yang stressed that benefit from innovative technology not only for advertisers, but advertisers and users, the main site consisting of the entire ecological chain and win-win. With the help of our precise keyword matching technology, compared to the same period in 2011, the alliance partners in 2012 cash flow capacity increased by 33%, 62% is to enhance cooperation PV. Yang Yang >

page analysis is the first step of precise keyword matching. The goal is to do the analysis, accurate and prompt page flow value recognition, so that the advertising of higher value. Subsequently, the bridge also through keyword matching, semantic model, word segmentation technology to build content and advertising. The last is to build a high performance retrieval system, able to respond quickly to billions of times a day to ensure that does not affect the flow of search advertising speed. The three technology innovation, to ensure the precise keyword matching project can smoothly.

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