The overall structure of

1. love Shanghai encyclopedia website structure.

6. for the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai.

, an optimization method of love Shanghai Encyclopedia

love Shanghai encyclopedia not in my thought, including the home page and inside pages, love Shanghai encyclopedia are not code simplification, and there are a lot of JS code in the head, as we often say to streamline the code, let JS and CSS use the external call.

4. internal links

was the first to break through, love Shanghai optimization analysis of the two products to

external link weight inheritance is needless to say, the love of Shanghai is used in the entire process, he is doing on the important link in some of their products above, is worthy of our attention, love Shanghai products basically no outside and exchange links, not as partners, the number is not love Shanghai how about the chain? So we pay attention to the quality of the chain to determine Shanghai dragon. In the site of several love Shanghai encyclopedia below, but look at the chain structure. They are very reasonable, whether from the quality of the chain, the chain number, or from the depth of the chain, the chain of the breadth of view, is very reasonable, but similar to love Shanghai encyclopedia so, this is why they can get a very good ranking place.

? Two key words: today I

website advertising company in Changzhou ishanghua贵族宝贝, Changzhou czkld贵族宝贝 compressor, Shanghai love and love Shanghai know beyond the encyclopedia. The Shanghai encyclopedia and seemingly love love Shanghai know love Shanghai give weight higher in fact, love Shanghai and know that Wikipedia in other search engine rankings also performed well. It seems to get good rankings in Shanghai love, love and love must break through the Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai know this line.

2. station heading Shanghai dragon

Internal links The 5. station outbound links

love Shanghai encyclopedia is very crazy, everywhere, and all related links, the crumbs link has good effect on the love Shanghai rankings, but also can increase the number of relevant keywords ranking, so in Shanghai love optimization, planning is an important link station.

love any one page Shanghai Encyclopedia has a data source, the visible love Shanghai attaches great importance to the outbound links, otherwise, love Shanghai is not necessary to set up such a source, it is more difficult to manage, many Shanghai dragon Er took advantage of this to do outside the chain.


3. external links

love Shanghai the title of the Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon is very compact, no keywords and description two labels, is only a title, it had to let us think that now is the label, love Shanghai only pay attention to the title? The other is excess

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