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a few days ago, we came up with a concept that WeChat might want to change in the direction of app store, which would probably lead to a new entrepreneurial opportunity. Although some of the media friends in the industry do not seem to agree, but we 36 krypton feel that this is very tricky.

, "starting a business on WeChat" is an interesting topic and seems to have begun to appear. Today, there are also investors call me and ask me if I’ve recently seen a company running on WeChat. I recommend 2 for him. So I started writing two or three articles today. Let’s talk about it and give it to me today. These articles, I would like to analyze the characteristics of WeChat platform, and then we have some of the domestic and foreign projects reported, imagine what kind of application suitable for this scene to do.

this form of dialogue seems somewhat compared with the website, the application of thin, but also seems to have the characteristics of simple and fast, at least in the mobile terminal, add a WeChat account and with a micro signal dialogue is the use of very low cost. At present, the service app can be implemented in a manner using WeChat services.

, however, WeChat seems to have another way of delivering information. Similar to the above Iron Chef shakes, many service account of possible future service is accomplished through a similar basic human communication scenarios — a dialogue -.

share of this ecosystem?

after the development of the entire communications industry, in fact, human beings have really entered the information society. All kinds of products in our Internet industry are carried out around the sale of information, such as 36 of the new media, krypton, search engine sh419, property buyers and sellers, and Sina, micro-blog, and so on. Websites and applications solve the information interaction requirements of people on the desktop, and you can browse and find the information you need in these websites and applications.

joked that texting had also been on an open platform ecosystem. Right here >

, the Internet, the application is addressed by the transfer and processing of information, WeChat is also the same, or even more direct

, WeChat, and text messaging?

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why? We reported yesterday, Iron Chef shook open platform access to WeChat, as long as the user to send a WeChat account chef shook his position can be used in WeChat map plugin, the account list chef shook will give you return to a nearby restaurant recommended. In fact, this point of view, WeChat account and Iron Chef shook their application of conflict, because the addition of an account is very simple, but it is easy to achieve the main function, so overall, the future WeChat ecosystem may indeed be robbed of a part of the app store

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