can be said to write an article with painting, need to have the inspiration to write simple articles, but not every day can meet good luck to meet a good material, then seized the day sea fishing, make groundless accusations collect all relevant information, the Internet, including the stage of hot topic can be linked to the best. On this day as far as possible to write the original article, the opening title is the key, can lead to flow in this pen. Here is how to write the original article I will not say, after all, I am also in imperceptible. The article written in no hurry to publish, one day after a step by step.

view of rival trans

space A soft, smooth


five, a chain of


four, forum signature

spent a morning time to sort out, the weight is high, like a sieve, each station will test to see how long it can be included, not to be fine, even if only 5 industry network, but also to ensure their quality is obvious to people. Then every day this several industry net, repeat, you know the chain increase day by day.

ranked ten Heaven home planning scheme:

cold winter has come, that this year will be gone, do what we can do for the Shanghai Phoenix, don’t give up, let the ranking plummeted? No, just hope alive, I will give Baidu guards, to deceive this year have a perfect.

registered with the signature of the forum, the industry is not restricted, we use only the signature. Find some more fire post, to be sincere words that impress the landlord, but also to send some constructive posts, the best answer the questions. The signature has demonstrated the strength of.

blog is not necessarily do Sina and love Shanghai, want to do in the two high weight blog, it can not solve as pressing danger. We recommend several included fast, the weight is good > Xiaobian here

now friends of the chain is not a smooth road, mainly in the same rank, not related, removed, fall, fall in love with K, a snapshot of the old sea station, also estimated there is little, it is also less chain refinement, do not need to spend too much time looking for friends of the chain, to friends of the chain platform only to find relevant and included, rankings, almost all of the snapshot can not find, don’t spend time, doing some other work, in short, is a little change to fine the best link, can not change nor a mixture of fish beads.

said check the anti chain, a command is essential, domain needless to say, see the competition before the three page chain with him, whether the forum, blog, Post Bar, or classified network, can collect fast, you can see.


two, the chain of survival of the fittest

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