haven’t in A6 published on Shanghai Longfeng article, before the hair is about the promotion of the article, the main talk today is the content of the website contains sensitive words to the influence of the website ranking.

, I just started looking for reasons, the first is not actually own homepage but those outside the chain of my home address in the sixth domain: website address, then I found my talent website, the latest recruitment information is full of some of our local recruitment big wine shop, only recruit two who is a hostess of a KTV is what, I estimate is public relations miss the word is love Shanghai that is a sensitive word, it is well you know Miss PR, then I added some formal recruitment information, the hotel information top down, after all, delete others the information, and perhaps others could become the customer. But the site rankings are re. I put these hotels all out today, because my site is 5 hours included new content, morning still 12 now to 14, there is a word and fall, I opened the site to see, it is the recruitment of public relations miss information, there are 4 in the hair, but also changed the account in the hair, I was on fire, all the hotel recruitment information deleted, directly blocked the recruitment information of local hotel industry. There is no way ah, after all, but also the development of the website. Recently I discovered love Shanghai for local talent website made the rankings change, maybe last year, only recently discovered, before our city talent website is 3 big website home page, ranking third directly to the hundreds after. Could not find, recently I found a lot of city talent website promotion is not removed, basically in the home of a domain name only two, then all the sub station, page second is that local talent network. May be the love of Shanghai talent caused by on-line. You don’t love Shanghai, sad. Today’s purpose of writing this article just want to tell you if one day fast down the rankings, first from the website content search, Bi >


speaking of the Internet now is the WEB2.0 era, many forum website users are free to express the content, but our webmaster can not be 24 at the website, I was on the hair and advertising people dislike to the extreme, not clean the contents of a big pile. Especially now the forum can use QQ to log in directly, so I put QQ login removed, and only in Jiangsu users post, you can see a long lane, 19 buildings are not used QQ login, to say this, into the theme, I recently run a personal network, there are 3 months, Shanghai love weight is still good, to optimize the local talent network 12, but after a period of time the nightmare begins, the site fell more than 40, then fell to 100, words are 100, then I thought it was outside the chain of instability, multiple. The chain, every day continuous updates, ranking back to more than 40, then to 100.

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