Forewarned is forearmed., Shanghai dragon is the same to have a plan, I engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry also has more than a year, from the hands of the list is the accumulation of many, of course is optimized for good, there are no make up, and through the statistical analysis of the customer site opponents, I found that a reasonable plan and adhere to the website has a good ranking, and those who want to be done once, don’t throw there website but there is not much effect. Shanghai dragon how to plan and implement the plan and listen to the one by one?.

site after modification, began a long journey, this is to let a lot of headaches, that is to add the nutrient content website, indeed, website content is very important, and complete their own original content is to let the search engine work, the corresponding gain weight is very high. The hands of a dozen list, perhaps unable to do the original, because of the limited time and energy.

two, every morning to the site to add fresh blood

my first steps is to modify the site title, description and Keywords tag, and then to the site to generate sitemap and robots.txt write and nofollow all these things, the third step is to detect the dead link site, and then modify the dead links to spider crawling path, finally some other details, in general I the internal structure of website changes are from the whole to the local, a little bit of website into a completely friendly web spider. These I have completed in a day, a lot of people say, not a one-time on the site greatly modified, a lot of things only own operation is the most clear, don’t believe what people say.

from my own website operation ideas, get customer sites in each of the FTP and the website backstage privileges, I began to operate on the site, the general customer site is N years did not change, even the website has been linked to the phenomenon of the horse, and the structure of the site is to be chaotic, as for dead links needless to say, quite a few. That for this website, is to make snap change, some people are afraid to website by K, or snapshot stagnation, actually need not to worry about, from the long-term development of the site, which are the essential steps of operation, and the general love of Shanghai is rarely K enterprise station, this point you know.

, get the site permissions, first adjust the structure of the website

The internal structure of the

every day may not all websites to make the original, but there is a better operation idea is I is the first night ahead of the second day of the required content sorted out, second days just released it. Another way is the so-called pseudo original, but I don’t use this way, after all, this article is not what readability, we want to improve the site weight, must spend the effort to make the original website.

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