receive a reminder, I remind tools into the news website love Shanghai (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/prompt) to view the details of early warning, the control algorithm before the release of Shanghai pomegranate love website advertising was cleared out, under the mentioned pomegranate algorithm will seriously affect the user browsing the website the main content of advertising. I am glad that a few days ago in Webmaster Platform submitted his mailbox, or wait until I go to Webmaster Platform message reminder to see whether the abnormal content, may site has been or will be K K.

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finally, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently constantly upgrade webmaster tools, can clearly see the love of Shanghai webmaster attitude, want to help webmasters better operation site, enhance the user experience of the website. Love Shanghai now pay more and more attention to the webmaster, as a webmaster we cannot blindly through spam links and other means to treat the search engine, and to love Shanghai for good interaction and feedback, and believe in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder tool will be a good start.

as a webmaster, we have an obligation for a better user experience, can more direct access to their true content you want to love Shanghai, in response to provide the best quality direct information for the user’s principle.

Some time ago I heard that After

mail mentioned there are many low quality web page I (have a lot of bad advertising hinder the normal browsing of users page), is the object of love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm to hit me as soon as possible, to remind, if not fast processing, will impact on the quality of network evaluation love Shanghai station, the influence of "" should we say down right or be K.

is here, I want to experience this I advise you, if you want to keep the site in Shanghai in a steady flow of love, love in Shanghai as soon as possible to verify Webmaster Platform on site, and submit their own contact. Message reminder tools are also mentioned, this tool will continue to increase the foreign chain anomaly, content anomaly, the website was hacked, will affect the performance of the website in love in Shanghai early warning and treatment of abnormal inform. So when the site there love Shanghai think of cheating problems, will be timely warning via email and SMS, if the website promptly revised the unusual problems, can be exempt from punishment or shorten the cycle of love Shanghai affected.

Webmaster Platform recently on-line website abnormal reminder, warning when the site outside the chain or other abnormalities may be right down the problem of love Shanghai. Unexpectedly at noon today really received from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform warning message.

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