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and we all know, Shanghai dragon consists of two aspects. One is the text of Shanghai dragon, this is very important, and some Shanghai Longfeng do, to their own website input a lot of dynamic picture, is not conducive to the spider crawling, so when in the selection process, we should choose a lot of web applications that can generate static pages.



three. Grasp the

Many novice

program is the site of the "artery", the change is not desirable

for the site title, its importance that many novice Shanghai dragon did not notice, which is free to change, think of what, the title is always unstable, it is Dutch act behavior on the site. Because a good Title title can indeed bring us flow, but again replaced the title of the three search engine will think our website is always a new station, is not friendly, a long time will not come back to our website, once lost the favour of spiders, included in the site and from the why? In addition to the Title Title mete tags also can not be changed, can not change, change the words bring negative effect and change the title is the same. Of course, the mete tag character to be controlled in less than 20, description that control at 100 characters within the keywords keyword in 200 control characters within these I need not repeat.


title, label free to change the

may know Shanghai Longfeng do optimization effect, that is to bring more traffic to our site, but they do not know Shanghai dragon there are many exquisite, sometimes you pay the effort, but the effect is not obvious or not, resulting in all of this is new Shanghai Dragon into operation misunderstanding, makes himself in vain. So, when do the optimization, we actually make those mistakes? Let I give you some.

before I wrote the article, said some friends love program with the DIV+CSS website, that can effectively attract spiders, in fact, in my opinion, these are not important, as long as our site structure of chromatography is clear, spider crawling can, of course, code as short as possible, if our website is relatively concentrated the containing part of the call, that our website will become easy.

is a website structure, to attract the spider is very good. But the biggest factor affecting the structure of the website is the website’s own program, stable ability to stabilize our program to make the site, once the site of the program changed, our website structure will appear substantial changes, the original URL will fail, so that no one can be a spider crawling way, get the favour of spiders it is impossible, if the number of program changes much, our website weight will be reduced a lot.

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