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pretty love Shanghai to take the people first line

June 6th love Shanghai webmaster message platform officially released, since last year, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love line, love Shanghai more and more moderate attitude to the webmaster. When I love Shanghai to K you stand down your right to a bit of leeway is not. From a series of plant to the message platform is to take the first to inform the postprocessing way. Presumably the old webmaster have this love Shanghai or at a loss, before Shanghai? Love is " pretty girl ", through several years of development of the Internet and the influence of the Shanghai love a firm, the " the little girl; " become more mature, know how to guide the right owners of Shanghai dragon line, rather than who who touch the red line on the K attitude, there is my sister fan.

love Shanghai development how many webmaster succeed here in 13 years, how many webmaster is the arrogant little girl got tired. Shanghai love from young to mature we are pretty close to experience. This is like a person, in her adolescence is very difficult for you to understand her, understand her. But people always grow up, to a certain age experience to see more naturally sensible. Love in the growth of Shanghai is also the management experience and release, to optimize the process. >

webmaster and love Shanghai communication channels and further

But the good news is that Shanghai

believes that although Shanghai is becoming more and more able to perform wonders of love gentle, but she will not be included, K website why why why would become less, ranking plummeted directly. It may also tell you why " people; " the bottom line.

love Shanghai webmaster message reminder reference

love message platform two prepare online content has been on the line. The content includes fast anomaly, super chain anomaly, abnormal data, the website was hacked and other directly affect the Shanghai dragon news reminder. If these messages, we have compared the hands of background traffic crash, why love Shanghai the site included abnormal, was the cause of the K.

love Shanghai webmaster message platform exception message mail screenshot


love Shanghai more open to Shanghai dragon but the owners are not difficult to see, in fact, retain lots of things. For example, the message platform although exception message before, but only Adsense communication channels move one step. Now we can through the news website platform that died link and love Shanghai unable to crawl, and e-mail to inform you the reference way, but it does not tell us why the station was K included, why we drop in the most headache problem.


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