The establishment of

to obtain the high quality of the external links, for the quality of

link in Shanghai dragon will result in a match in the vote, one of their own internal links is " ", the recommended power compared to the "outsiders" recommended to some of the weak, if you have many external links, then the voting will be very convincing, in the acquisition of external links we follow the following two principles:

The importance of the

forum signature chain in search engine becomes more and more in the chain weakened, but the personality is still a valid signature chain.

2) forum signature

with frequent activities of the forum, signature resources will accumulate more and more, the signature is the most direct external links. Of course, to the number of active forum members to buy his signature.

in the online forum, the forum will often provide personalized signature to registered users, webmasters can often visit their usual forum, such as Ali mother community, laggards, A5 forum, or some Adsense industry related forums, such as the sale of mobile phone digital products on the Internet, mobile phone can often go digital forum, forum shopping is not only to get a personalized signature so simple, do network marketing, forum shopping is an essential activity.

1) from the blog group, create links to

a new website, take the initiative to seek out some high quality external links are very difficult, even the new website search engines have not included the case, create links is the most desirable, through self creation is the most convenient blog links. Although the search engine to the weight of the blog chain was high, but the chain blog is still one of the easiest way to get outside the chain, in some large sites, such as Sina blog blog blog, Sohu, NetEase, Shanghai and other places to create love space blog, after the release of some of the content up to his passing do a website link, can successfully guide the spider to your site.

3) submit website and web directory

is the chain in the station, these pages belong to their owners, complete control, only need to do the planning work can be obtained in external links to external sites, so we must rely on the owners trying to get in, Shanghai dragon circles have such a word "content is king, outside the chain for the emperor", shows the importance of the chain.


through the self built blog group, to publish the information outside the chain, in the construction site when the initial can be used as the early primitive accumulation of a new chain.

broad access to external links, and the number of

external links is a long-term project, need to persevere in doing it, generally there are several common external links to establish channels:

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