third, often do the chain of friends feel that now the chain is getting more and more difficult, is the love of Shanghai on the chain judgment after the release, we are not the only link these feeling, the Guan Jian who could do the chain platform because they feel it too. Know, if the site experience becomes poor, love Shanghai will not give them good rankings, so now a lot before can do the chain platform now even text links do not let go, some is released when told not to leave the URL, some is not to tell you after the release, directly to you on site things cut off, after all the chain and the outbound links too much is not good for what their website, so now I have to give up a lot of platform, but a mountain higher than the mountain, is now the site with a change of strategy To those what contact address or contact etc., which is to link up, there is no effect, do not know.

, the first forum now basically not to go, you know, after several years of development Shanghai Longfeng, basically has become a forum center of a chain to the forum not to find people to the real value of things, and ran all the construction of the chain to go, go see the forum are reproduced copy of the article, then reply are some god replies, seeing more and more low, it is precisely because of this, at the end of last year, China officially closed flat light years forum, remember also attracted everyone’s hot debate, some time ago also officially A5 cancel the forum signature, now that Shanghai has put the Forum for love garbage chain, to also can not find what you want, so nature is not, like what the Shanghai dragon WHY forum, a push, 28 estimate A few months have not been to.

second, the chain content, Shanghai love to talk about the chain about the judgment, for no reason in the article with some without actually meaning Guan Jian word anchor text or links, as long as it is not willing to the theme, this is spam links, remember you are in the habit of an article copied somebody in the middle, and then add their own Guan Jian word anchor text or links, to promote their own websites, the emphasis is now on the true love of Shanghai is recommended, since they know there is a deliberate action but also have a real recommendation, so now the chain content are related articles look, the word Guan Jian, now even the anchor text are cancelled, leaving only a bold emphasis.

There is a lot of

The design of

platform itself has also made adjustments, more responsive to love Shanghai real recommendation, naturally occurring, "

some time ago released the Shanghai love talk about the chain chain of foreign judgments, in detail, what is useful to tell the chain, what is the garbage outside the chain, what is the chain of cheating. I believe everyone is the same, see this announcement before is the chain in accordance with their own ideas, no matter it useful, but there is a standard, so the work also made some changes, the change about my.

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