then immediately, opened up a "common problems" section, put some common lamps, sort out the basic content, slowly every day several published on website and included weight will go up soon. Of course, these are not skills, the summary below is the real skill.

this question has been bothering me for a long time, have seen a lot of older articles, finally find some keep update skills, share out. Is used please smile, don’t know please try, the effect is absolutely good.

later when having sex Shanghai know, found that many customers are asking some common problems, get an inspiration, I want to find the original customers, even they do not know ah! They in addition to some people in Shanghai know love asked, certainly in the search engine directly search more people.? to solve customer problems, it is one of the best customer experience

Many online

with the company pay more attention to the network marketing, many companies will hire a website optimization personnel and team to do network marketing, this is our ability to show more space to expand. But the enterprise website optimization, there is a problem is very troublesome, it is news (original article) continued to update.

skills a: the split, into the long tail keywords.

lamps commonsense content, is a long and minute statement, very comprehensive. I have found a "XX 100" knowledge asked in my heart that I appreciate! The whole 100 Q more than 60 articles, without what their brains, every day 2 of this month, I don’t find it. Moreover, he put into this problem after the split, key words in the title and description, bring me a lot of traffic. Is the long tail word valuable ah, put in a long article is not found, no ranking, customers do not want to see. >

I had to do is to do business website lamp, is also beginning to industry website to find some news about the collection of pseudo original, the effect is good, but I feel a bit tired. Because a lot of news related to other companies (and even many charges, is the enterprise soft) I can’t advertise it, then put these into an enterprise "products", tiring ah.


Shanghai dragon knows love Shanghai for the original article and favor, for a long time, regular updates to the site of love. But the enterprise website, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise website, to achieve this point is a bit troublesome. Company introduction, honor, corporate events, the general product information online before they do, because we are small and medium-sized enterprises, usually also didn’t what big thing is worth to write news, unlike large enterprises, today, tomorrow to inspect certain leading enterprises Mister participated in a summit, a day after tomorrow and what large training organizations, these good play. So, our small business website online to take what to feed the love of spiders in Shanghai

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