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I think the chain will present the influence of the rankings still plays a decisive role, because the search engine is currently collecting data is not strong enough. Take the love of Shanghai, the data collected a total of three ways: the first is the love I love Shanghai Shanghai toolbar, the toolbar is also used, did not like what a great role. The installation of the relatively few people. Second is this year launched the love of Shanghai, although many webmaster currently installed this tool, but this tool launched less than half a year, that collect data back processing mode is not very mature. The third is from the past love Shanghai search flow it is possible to monitor.

. Only in the chain of the key words do the first two pages (if you don’t have the chain to do the first two pages of keywords that I will take you, unless the keywords, especially cold) at this time the user only.

just saw an article called "web site keywords ranking five factors" is an important article in A5, which lists the site ranked five most important factors: first, the user experience is king of kings, second, correlation factors. Third, the similarity of web pages. Fourth, the stability of the site. Fifth, website update. I think these authors say there is no mistake, I also agree, he cited the five points of the rankings do very important. Then I still have a little doubt, that is the last one: the chain is not on the list to the five point, the reason is: "the search engine is always standing in the user’s point of view to think about the problem. The user just the content of the website is good, but do not care how many sites outside the chain. The search engine can only read the chain, the chain that the more the website is a good website. When the search engine on the chain that is no way. Now the user data collection technology has become increasingly mature. Of course, to the user experience is king." In fact, in the long term, as did the authors of this article said, but the current stage I still have some doubts, here we listen to my analysis.

however it is since the love of Shanghai statistics to push it, the author also obviously feel the user is on the influence of the rankings do increase, but not enough to make an important chain to which the five factors be cast into the shade not ranked in the website, because I firmly believe that today on the search engine to collect user data not so comprehensive, for the collection of data processing that is not so mature. You should have heard of love Shanghai clicks it, the stuff I have used, it can only be used on why the first two pages of keywords,? The truth is actually very simple, if you are not even a website ranking how click? If you a key word ranking seventy or eighty may be how many clicks. There is also cheating?. I love Shanghai clicks only applies to the first two pages of keywords (of course, I do not recommend the use ah, even if you come today, your user experience is not good, a few days down, search engines know you is not a good website, then you want to row up hard).

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