2, on content of medical network department editor may not be medical or learned medical graduate school, as everyone knows, is a disease that, so the website content is you reprint my reprint your love for Shanghai, before the pseudo original audit is not enough, more new for the pseudo original big blow so the medical Web content homogenization too serious, not

This site is built by the ? !The

domain of 1 months, except for one week of the construction site, according to the love of Shanghai you can see the site snapshot is basically collected second days, a week after Shanghai began to love included in the page, second weeks before the inside pages included quickly, but also find love in Shanghai to the new attitude: To study more and more strict! First included, a week after it was released.

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3, on the optimization of cost constraints, a company on several websites, a person in management, network limited to find outside the chain of high quality resources, there is the classified information chain, BBS signature of the chain, the chain (Q & a platform outside the chain of this little, because not to do so), down. The chain site is a love Shanghai serious waste of the chain, you also love Shanghai awesome

medical site how to do?! must solve the failure problem from above! Look at seven new medical sites to our


zblog program, div+css templates all their own handwriting, all hand, the Internet is absolutely the one and only rarely used, the big picture, the site opened quickly, reduce the business with love pop, Shanghai advertising housekeeper >

1, a very general small station network department, the programmer is a basic, in order to reduce the development cost of most site is imitation station, a template is used to all aspects are to change into their own content, but a medium-sized website code there inevitably existed within the target site links. Especially when the site just finished or not after the imitation of imitation, so more to make sure you love Shanghai website template source of evidence! Web site has not been included, has become a serious "love Shanghai side Fujin"

love Shanghai algorithm to update the medical station, Taobao guest website this kind website is a large area of hair, this time also has a lot of classmates said the medical station no, love not love Shanghai, Taobao off site destruction and so on, in fact, still think: medical website content in failure but it is not the type of repeat! 6.28 after several medical web companies are all K, not to mention the country, the region competitive website is k, There is not much left. also left behind, no rank, because the regional competitiveness is very small so occupy Shanghai love home page ranking is the basic station of the article page, and just to catch up with Hebei Province, some of the medical accident, medical bidding has also been halted, desperation we only bear the risk of re do! Let’s take a look at the small area of medical website The common site — content sources — Optimization of

but also how to do?

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