5, domain name: the components of the domain name is composed of the length of the domain name and domain name, the length is currently preferred or as simple as possible to remember, if we do not like to register, can also choose to match, for Shanghai dragon, complete matching is now a trend. Analysis of the components of the domain name is selected according to the keywords, and keyword matching, such as Iverson is special generator is to select yztzfdj贵族宝贝 or yzjdsb贵族宝贝? In Shanghai dragon is self-evident. Then from the inside perspective how to see it, mainly to see the column Menu >

2, the domain name PR: domain name PR is a symbol of the weights of the website to search engines, PR not only reflects the existence of time website, more representative of this website popularity.

, a domain name analysis


website optimization, want to site in the competition for a raise or is more than competitors, we must analyze the competitors, so when the site optimization scheme we analyze competitors what? Today to share their Iverson in the website optimization scheme when the personal experience.

4, the domain name suffix: domain name suffix is very important, such as com.Cn.Net.Edu.Gov..org贵族宝贝.cn and so on, we have considered the influence of the domain name search engine? For example:.Gov (government) and.Edu (Education), the domain name is very difficult to register to the general Shanghai dragon, unless we are Shanghai Longfeng staff government or the Department of education, so in addition to the 2 other domain name suffixes, how should we choose? Preferred贵族宝贝.Org, for the.Cn suffix, now the rules must be enterprise authentication, but if we do the analysis of competitors, if we run a regular business station or our country should choose the domain name.Cn贵族宝贝.cn personal but not recommended, why backlinks from Shanghai love to talk about,贵族宝贝.cn is for the贵族宝贝 service. Not to mention other suffixes see personal choice and decide.

3, domain name: analysis of domain name for the record, you can see the competitors are gathered in what place reflects an industry gathering, or the local degree of attention. About the place, from the key angles have local keywords, can consider to decorate the long tail according to place to decorate. If not for the record, so in this respect, what do you think? Personally, if not for the record, indicating the presence of rival station is not a long time, probably to the domain name is push.

1, domain name registration time: the analysis of domain name registration time, we can know the competitor’s website is new or old station, railway station, it is beneficial to us, if the old station, we should make a concrete analysis for the old station.

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