is the most effective search activities will be based on the user’s search site, to provide the most relevant page for it, but in general, this page is not the homepage. Enter the home page, users need to click to enter to browse the page, rather than immediately be able to see the content.

crime is too loose or too broad for bidding, and business links together

two: crime ads to your website

solution: when conducting keyword research, screening to key words: This is not good at business? Is an accurate description of the business? Once you start a campaign to ensure that at the appropriate time for the correct analysis, in order to see what keywords are brought to the high quality flow and conversion, and the effect is not obvious keywords removed.

common sense tells us that the keywords should buy only those associated with the target audience, and can be put in. For example, if you are an outdoor landscaping company, if you are bidding on the "Home Furnishing decoration" and other words, may produce a lot of irrelevant traffic.

is my client for competitive analysis, there are always people because there is no correct understanding of the basics of paid search and surprised me. Sometimes, these people would annoy me; sometimes it makes me laugh; but more often, it makes me want to point out their mistakes.

today, I would like to point out a paid search five most can not do, namely the five deadly sins. So, if some of these too direct, also please forgive me, I just want to be able to change their ideas over, better paid search marketing.


: > sin four

solutions: links for each keyword or ad group, select the web site pages. If the site does not match an existing page, you should first check the keyword filtering is a problem; if the test is no problem, then you may want to consider creating a new page to meet this demand. If you add a new web page is challenging the existing website structure, then you can consider using the login page.

without the use of personalized advertising copy, the two then said before there is not much point. If you want to introduce the relevant target audience target page, but if the ads are not "attract" the audience, then no one will click into the target page. If you want your ad relevance and click rate reached maximum, you need to make sure the advertisement as far as possible with the user input keywords closely linked together.

solutions: first, to create a number of closely related keywords and focused advertising group. Then, to customize each ad group, to ensure that the advertising to include the keyword (preferably in the title).

three: take the general crime advertisement

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