The story of red wine

horizon planning article, I accidentally see, wanted to find some beauty of the night, and friends together to eat, drink a little wine, this friend has so little interest in wine, wine on the table a Hu kan. To see this article at the end of the world. The main posts is a returnees, intends to create a wine brand in China, the main posts are fond of French wine, in the forum post meanders like home, and for domestic and international markets, wine origin, taste the professional analysis, the "two Gazi" Friends of wine and the Lord, it is the gap between amateurs and professionals, not in a class. The Lord knows so much about wine, in the post to want to do a complete plan book.

recently read an article, it is the rise of micro-blog, the world lost. The booming of the micro-blog accord with modern users fast reading habits, so many at the horizon of the "traveler" because of too much attention to the blog, alienating the Tianya forum. Micro-blog update text escape superficial defects, "more than half of the users with the impetuous breath!" relative horizon deep, also not the feeling, micro-blog’s own, also for a long time not to the end of the world "wine", in the memory, the last article left the horizon at a department on the red paper. Now this article after a lapse of a year, the main posts still occasionally update, simply look at the content of the post, the wine business also entered formal.

a small article before writing "conception", perhaps a title can arouse the inspiration, a brand or business that wants to succeed, then, how important it is to do before making a perfect "plan". Have written a lot of the original article started a website, the effect is very good, but after a period of time, the conception of some withered. The reason is always used in the past to write text in the network to collect some information again, and the website is keyword optimization, involving hundreds of articles, if before writing, do a "planning", then the effect.

will jump out from the horizon, words to be talk about writing experience. To the end of "cooking wine" to users are different, whenever she "exhaustion of resources", will love to the end of the world around, even if they do not see the content of the post, the title can benefit. An excellent website article, before writing, before conception. The so-called "conception in front", a phrase like "please", just before writing, and expression of the writing theme, there has been a general direction. They also have deep feeling, when writing the site keywords optimization, always used to see the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, then list a number of related topics from, and then one by one to write. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is the biggest benefit will be the core of a keyword summed up, "love Shanghai", give me the biggest gain is the love Shanghai encyclopedia is definitely worth to write web site keywords optimization articles worth learning about.

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