Shanghai Longfeng flow = web site overall * overall ranking * overall CTR


front sniffs the rose to introduce the "search traffic flow is the core of" king of the Shanghai dragon if you have seen it, you should clearly know when we do Shanghai dragon although need to do to perform the work, but more is to think about how to improve the execution through their web search traffic target. This is what everyone is easy to overlook, blind execution sometimes cannot help us improve the ability of Shanghai dragon, because as long as these to a slightly understand the computer can do, we go in Shanghai dragon on the road farther and more in-depth study. I will continue to give you stressed this point in the next article, will also be stressed at the same time to insert their own for search traffic this fundamental understanding of the core of Shanghai dragon.

web site overall amount is high, there will be more Shanghai Longfeng flow, this is for sure, because the web site among the more and more search engines can give opportunity to give our website page keywords good ranking. From the home key, to the site each page of words, as long as a "good intentions, indexed by search engines, coupled with the external link optimization, are sure to get a good ranking, it can guide the flow into the website. And the whole amount collected and related to many factors, such as the quality of search engines crawl the page volume and are very important factors in the later in the article will give a detailed analysis.

1, web site overall amount of

2, the overall ranking of

Shanghai Longfeng flow three factors

this formula has been a lot of people know, the first time I saw this formula is Hangzhou BT boy said in a statement in the group, then the source from the national level for Shanghai dragon understanding, a heaven, because it is very right. Let me see this formula more firmly Shanghai Longfeng flow Shanghai is the real dragon core idea, the three factors of the company is the most important factor to affect the flow of Shanghai dragon.


3, click

a website to more traffic will be in the overall rankings of Kung Fu, the first to do keyword ranking, because this is the most users to search some words, bring the flow of Shanghai dragon absolutely impressive, is also very important long tail keywords and a value of the rankings, when these long tail accumulate together, even can be more than the flow of the keywords, accounted for 90% of all search flow above. In the process should pay attention to pay attention to the overall drive comprehensive web page ranking, this is a long time to do the domain name strategy for new sites, we should pay attention to the countryside surrounding the city, driven by the overall single page.

The overall rate of

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