is operating object entities under the line, similar to the nature of the cake bakery chain stores, micro-blog is the first to enter the Sina and local businesses docking, from the big industry to refine his business partners, such as catering businesses such delicacy or user, then the local fire forum the website and some other platform livelihood, catering to the audience is not specially selected consumer groups, ages, so the platform to radiation as widely. Local and docking at the same time, can help us better because of its own position, regional characteristics, our audience is built on the basis of local. Improve their own data, show business identity, and then to listen to these local strong related businesses, this is the first step in micro-blog marketing down to earth.

Now people eat on the concept of

has reached a certain level, micro-blog research on food is dazzling. In addition to the core point is that each place has its specific local delicacy, but they are certainly the Internet chowhound pursued their own doorstep as delicacy >

dockingIf the

visit local chowhound group

to mop贵族宝贝, Tianya such first-line national comprehensive community, small local city forum, news media platform Forum will have many opinions and subject leaders, so is Sina micro-blog, opinion leaders we need to consciously cultivate, in most cases, cluster community platform, users are very need to opinion leaders or topic center. Local businesses of micro-blog marketing, we must cultivate the topic in the beginning to build or opinion leaders, of course this also should be down to earth. Looking for some local in the network reds, or is more active in the early process of accumulation of fans. Comparison of the whole cake shop audience is public, but the fashion drinks fans are some of the young girl, this time you can do some beauty of the information collection for local universities. Opinion leaders are produced in the continuous setting topic, so this one should also take into account the localization of the topic of speculation. One needs to pay attention, or in the promotion of products, people only need to master the degree of topic, always can not be inverted.

is a daily online only around QQ space friends, actually suddenly on the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team said to registered Sina account for the promotion is a newly opened cake shop, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) is actually very surprised micro-blog marketing concept has caught on. At the same time, when with the discussion, understands some experience, micro-blog marketing, especially as the localization of marketing, the core is to down to earth, so a new micro-blog maintenance and operation, how could

down to earth?The local popular merchant

training subject leader

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