today as the friendship company representatives, have the honor to participate in an Internet company internal training, feeling very much, especially to express the pen. Shanghai dragon has not orthodox norms, everyone just according to their own experience to explore, to find, in the course of time became the Shanghai dragon training for materials, one after another, and many conclusions became Shanghai dragon world famous, previous generations have their music in, before this I am ashamed, 80, he is a company director of network, some conclusion is also very tough to believe, and did not go to practice, to prove its correctness, not to mention innovation.

so in the website set, how to have more advantages than competitors, usually, generally as follows:

?For example:

The beginning of an

, as the company trainer, surprised me, a 90 young guy, looks like a high school student, now really is the young people, if not after knowing he is in charge of the group creator of my ancestors often take part in, I really doubt this company is not a snub.

the afternoon back to business, company executives said the company has a number of online exchanges will be held in Shanghai dragon, please be sure to attend, came to the venue, there are several network executives sitting and talking. Just know later, called for more exchanges, one of the company’s internal training, the company does have a lot of advantages in the industry, compared with the previous boss at the meeting has been to make of them. Today I finally have the opportunity to work together to face.

for the words "Shanghai dragon cloud", we assume that the word competition is very fierce.

cloud Shanghai dragon _ cloud Shanghai dragon _ cloud learning Shanghai dragon training _ more extended the long tail word about cloud Shanghai dragon company name

he came on stage, first by the domain name to the space choice, introduces some noteworthy places, I do not say here, I believe we are more familiar with this. Then he was deep in the station optimization, because of the time, today I will first outline he said today a small part of the site of three elements.


what is the precise matching of

for the website title, he introduced two concepts of precise matching and fuzzy matching, before that, I was totally not heard of this concept, with very limited knowledge and scanty information.

set the title in the industry occupies 90% of the proportion, of course this title set we cannot say he is wrong, but if uncontrolled accumulation of key words in the title, it must be wrong. Put aside this problem first, do not speak, I will explain this in the following.

let’s imagine competitors are not excessive accumulation of keywords in the title, the title is set in accordance with the above, the advantage in the title of the site is still relatively dominant.

site title

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