The chain can be controlled through the 2, get rid of

1, ID blocked the chain deleted phenomenon, in the face of this situation as a station outside the chain in the popular forum is to know how to learn to use guerrilla warfare to control their own the chain, don’t expect the rapid increase of the chain, when sleeping, in the evening to sleep at noon forum moderator more, do not send in the moderator work, through this method to ensure that your ID is not closed, so the chain will not be deleted, right now I’m using this method, the effect is good.

software group, by hand, there are many disadvantages of software group, a disadvantage is the biggest repeat content is too much, how can a site too much repetition of the content of love Shanghai will recognize? Even when the day Shanghai approved, second days will be deleted, the site of the chain will play a significant impact, not conducive to the website optimization.

There are a lot of

can stabilize, many of which are caused by the subjective factors of the owners, the 1 is the website of the chain free by ID was blocked, naturally the site outside the chain is deleted. The 2 is the software group, there are a lot of a lot of repetitive posting machine issued content post, this kind of post love in Shanghai today tomorrow will be included after filtering and delete. The 3 is to buy the chain, buy the chain is also a kind of cheating, love Shanghai love will naturally cause the chain fell. The 4 is the chain site itself is not stable, some site itself is by force up the rankings, you have to share his achievements, and how different the robbery.

use of the controllable factors allocation site outside the chain, let the site outside the chain of stable

many site outside the chain is a kind of a day, the stability of the chain also affected the site overall weight is not stable, included many sites with site down rising and falling up, face this kind of situation control site outside the chain has become a necessary event, as a webmaster how to use "controllable" principle to make their sites outside the chain of rational? Xiaobian to talk about my views.

website to help return to reason.

3, revocation of the purchase of the chain link, now trading market is very hot, tens of dollars can buy a lot of chain hanging on their web site, but the chain of this purchase is a disadvantage, first is subject to the webmaster, secondly is subject to love Shanghai, love Shanghai has its own set of testing procedures if love is found in Shanghai, then your website can be no good fruit to eat, the way the chain is the most dangerous, must be able to control.

Why not now many sites outside the chain of

4, select the stable website chain, for example, we can share some of the station knowledge in Chinaz, im286, Admin5, why in Shanghai Longfeng, such a chain of moderators in the article would not say what, the site weights are high, it can be said a chain will inevitably lead to the spider.

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