1, website snapshot backwards.

2, a large collection of content

drop right no >

3, the website included greatly reduced

right down:

1, cheating (including black hat Shanghai dragon, link, sprocket and so on)

3, a chain of

two, the concept of stability. Ranking up a week down, this is the instability caused by the first page, the website ranking dropped to a second page which is not stable, that others do better than you, but not your own website right down, snapshot not update or snapshot back, which belongs to the love sea search engine abnormal.

, a concept of time. Many people are likely to be observed every day included snapshot, ranking, and so on, suddenly one day one drop began to appear all kinds of worries, just update the site mess, even if not fall right down to you. The actual dropped or snapshot of the back is a very normal thing, love Shanghai there are many servers in each area, the server in the grab your information will be sent to the general database, and then from the database for ranking, in which there is always resulted in some inevitable decline in ranking, but also will in the next update resume. The best observation for a week, so love Shanghai again to update and see if you drop right.

drop right will generally appear in several situations:

4, the space is not stableThe

The reason caused by

, but this really is down right? The answer is not necessarily, right down in addition to these cases, also must have certain conditions to set up

down the right site is generally generated by many factors and how to avoid the site is down right in the website optimization? If there is right down how can the fastest and best way to recover? How to distinguish the true or false drop right? Here is the home with commentary to small.

2, website ranking drop in the hundreds, even unable to view


4, large flow areaThis is usually some

has a storage site data index in the search engine. The search engine will be ranked on these sites, who are on the front line, who is in the back row, will arrange the spider to crawl every day. I find one address cheating will delete, ranking drop and so on, but also don’t worry, this happens in the search engine has a period of observation, observation period, although there is no ranking but the search engine will score statistics, as long as you do a good will restore the previous ranking.

four is the most common cause of some right down, usually do not risk more than four points right down will be very small, the weight will increase stability.

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