1 what is called the number of visits, is your site visitor in your website’s session number. 2 conversion time is from the entrance to the visitor to specify the number of pages, the higher the index shows that transformation on the website of the greater, the greater the contribution of the website. The conversion rate is the ratio of 3 into the entrance of the conversion time and the number of visits, the higher the ratio shows that the conversion rate is higher.

over a period of time love Shanghai launched access entrance report, there are a lot of analysis in this report has no access to the entrance, what amazing places, but this report gave me a new idea and method, love Shanghai statistical access entrance is to put a lot of indexes above belong to the class together, to help owners do the analysis accurate, such as conversion analysis contain many indicators, PV, conversion rate, conversion time, and it also introduces how to treat the data.

. I introduce the characteristics and transformation of the love, there are many other Shanghai statistical data flow analysis, analysis of new visitors and so on. We should study and study carefully, through research and study in recent years, like Shanghai statistics of this tool is very important, but more important is to learn a good look at these indicators, so you >

many people think that the opportunity of a lot of Internet, but with the development of the Internet era, want to build a good website becomes more and more difficult, the webmaster attaches great importance to the website analysis, the website analysis is a definition of what

to do e-commerce in terms of transformation is to get real order, that is gold and silver, so to study in order to take the effect, through the love of Shanghai’s transformation and analysis can understand how to use the transformation of dimensions to estimate the entrance page, the page source for entrance, to the transformation of the the reason is not the experience of application in other entrance page, this conversion probability will be very big, this will be a good harvest. Even less analysis of entrance page, is the source of the design itself is not good or the entrance of the page is not good, or is the entrance page conversion problems, these problems resolved in a timely manner, the transformation will certainly be more and more of their earnings will.

website, do not understand what is the website statistics, see a lot of the others, said it did not understand, perhaps many websites will not have so profound research, and these simple statistical indicators are likely to understand, but what is the jump rate, exit rate will not understand. I slowly enter the industry, feel like a supermarket site, from which the door which door out, most of what commodity. We do some promotion, is now said network promotion.

when I was a little fuzzy, I only see one or two indicators, to solve the problem, is not comprehensive. Because a lot of statistical indicators. For example, PV, UV, IP conversion, conversion time and so on, have a headache.

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