2011 online shopping market business is a hotly contested spot. Nowadays, online shopping mall is no longer a supporting role. During the Spring Festival this year, many online shopping mall has changed to "close" approach, combined with the logistics and distribution, to secure the false date of indirect one, such as where the customer, Dangdang, Suning Appliance; as more and more consumers are used to move the mouse, online shopping, online shopping has become one of the retail industry. But "the Spring Festival is not closing in just a handful of needle network, why? The logistics has become the biggest bottleneck.

according to iResearch latest statistics, in 2010, China’s online shopping market transaction size of nearly 500 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 90% over the previous year. In such a trend, e-commerce is still in a period of development, far from reaching a stable parallel line. The era of online shopping express suck

how to do?

Spring Festival in 2010, where the customer, Suning Appliance is the choice of their own logistics distribution, logistics companies rely entirely on the impossible holidays uninterrupted orders, mainly in the pass, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, the majority of private enterprises are franchise mode, the franchisee’s own strength is limited, in the absence of sufficient scale management and co-ordination ability, can not afford the high labor cost during the spring festival. The scale and management mode of the reason for the development of express industry still can not keep up with the rapid development of electronic commerce, like the lice eat an elephant, too much.

The development of

express serious impediment to online shopping, the rapid development of electronic commerce and failed to express synchronization caused to the development of electronic commerce, the key of success lies in whether the transaction of e-commerce express, want to quickly change from the status quo, first of all to express the current mode of development, increase the scale of express courier industry; although the annual growth rate of 23%. But the development speed is still not in electronic commerce. Since the distribution of logistics will become the future development trend.

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