can be divided into three forms:

keywords accumulationSome

at this stage we write the title mainly has two forms, one is very simple, is the keyword, separated by special symbols, second, will want to optimize the key words in a sentence.

A keyword

for the page can be used in third forms, and for the classification using 1 or > page

said before, the enterprise stop is the best form of a word to give your website title, keyword and title page and content must be consistent, if the home is all about water gourd, you add a loofah water merchants and other words in the title of a sentence is obviously not appropriate.

B expanded form of the title of the websiteAt present, we often use the title of

Just like

penetrates into the network for your daily life and change for everyone’s living habits, many enterprises begin to pay more attention to the power of the network, a single set of network enterprises from the Ministry set up the official website can be discerned. But this is only appearance, for more and more enterprises station, although aware of the importance of Shanghai dragon, but did not really care for it, or to show people a layman feeling. Why? You see from the title of the set can be for the website, is mostly based on the XX website at the beginning, or carry out a series of keywords is countless, that it can obtain the ideal ranking, is completely mistaken. Today I will write about the title, with their own website as an example to introduce a comprehensive.

1, _ classification name site name; 2, Title _ classification name _ site name; 3, the content of the title _ site name



I personally agree with the corporate station to do so, after all enterprises need is a kind of authority, but is not the pure effect, keywords accumulation will let visitors feel your business is superficial, opportunistic, no release of corporate culture, so a brief description of a word on the line, specific can see on my website written, but there is little need to be reminded that the website of the main title can not have too many words to describe, for example, the first, the best professional, national, portal and so on, especially for new sites or low weight site is even more so, as a result of these words will affect the distribution of weight, and secondly, these words have already is well-known Web site to do it, you will inevitably fall to go with a copycat feeling.

webmaster friends love her all in all key words in the title, it is not reasonable, because the page title back, giving the weight of keywords is gradually reduced, if you write too much, behind the words do not help, but will reduce the users of your visual impression, so key words, written in front, don’t repeat too much control in less than 3 target keywords can.

(2) into the word


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