second: updated daily original articles, the original is not reproduced or pseudo original, just started a few days to be able to write some original, but later especially after half a month will find ideas not open, write down, and love Shanghai included effect is not good at all, so begin to doubt yourself, then through the Shanghai dragon group chat learned that the original articles are many place to pay attention to, the title of the article to the new focus, and keywords combination, so through the analysis I will be a popular figure in popular programs and TV stars and the occupation of the wearing perspective to write the soft magic happened love Shanghai included very quickly, but also included the first day can reach second days to put out this for a new station is not very easy. The following is a screenshot of the

the following is the love of Shanghai included and ranking


recently on the new site to get a less popular keywords, from the beginning to start to do included love Shanghai PR1 to a row of fortieth Shanghai keywords to love, I just want to through this article will make this station experience to all the webmaster to share and love from the sea by speculation and the ranking rules.

I guess: in this new collection and ranking I publish original articles and also most webmasters like copying something released to find love Shanghai very wonderful is actually a collection of copying something and not included the original article, this is very strange, so I guess that is not love Shanghai when included in the article if the database has been found to be >

is a new web site has some heat in Shanghai love words do Chengdu occupation, so it can do it should be with some difficulty.

third: the chain, especially outside the chain of soft Wen is A5 these high quality soft release to soft link release, the purpose is to let the chain of high quality and long time, and there are many stations will collect A5 articles so your soft links will be invisible to transfer very much this place, played a very good communication effect, this also want to do some Links, but tried several times after the failed, because the general station is very difficult to find the same industry good Links, and the purchase of Links is afraid of being punished by not so love Shanghai.

is from the site to the ranking process.


: from the first at the beginning of the site selection of independent IP, the station uses the HTML static page, domain name DNS from the safety of choice to accelerate the love music of Shanghai, using the div+css website internal frame, the page in the JS to a JS file and placed at the bottom, the station’s pictures are added for ALT text convenient spiders index, are used as short URL and uses a tree structure to build a flat, RSS convenient spider crawling, the station placed keywords and description, and also set up different properties in the column page, < / p>

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