third, "scarcity", explain the rarity is scarce and precious things: think, some friends say pure text links in a sense is simply not the chain, 2 types of chain common: anchor text links and text links, love Shanghai engineer Lee in the love of Shanghai internet club said: love will find Shanghai plain text is an URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to crawl, so pure text is an effective link, if the text is not a valid link or not high quality links, really do not know big home to the Admin5 or other website submission to what but, most of the news submissions is pure text links.

website search engine optimization most often do things should be the website construction of the external links, what kind of the chain is outside the chain of high quality, I believe that most of the friends of the high quality of the chain has its own understanding, but most friends of the high quality of the chain has some misunderstanding the author, once in the webmaster nets published 2 articles on ganji贵族宝贝 link is a high quality links and explore the Interactive Encyclopedia is a high quality link to link the 2 article, found that there are a lot of friends in the link and some incorrect understanding, today I will share with you, my definition of high quality links know,

second, correlation, everyone in the search engine optimization of industry are not the same, in the hospital of Shanghai dragon friend link is not necessarily suitable for enterprises engaged in the website of Shanghai dragon friends, each Shanghai dragon friends have their own industry characteristics, like we usually choose online bookstore dangdang贵族宝贝 or Jingdong. Instead of the dream bazaar and all passengers, I think the high quality links each industry has its own distinction, link love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know the friend should know love Shanghai know and love Shanghai tag tags. So I personally think that the high quality links with the second attributes should be the relevance of the link,

love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know the chain is not easy, why do we still desperately.

, the first link, this link must be linked, is an effective link, and now we are busy with the website construction of the external links, do not take the time to understand the chain to establish their own effectiveness, the previous 2 articles written only lists 2 common examples, the author here once again to share what links and everyone is invalid link, 1, hyperlink containing JavaScript, 2, Hoplinks (ask, etc.) with the nofollow tag 3, in the link, the definition of nofollow tag hope that their love Shanghai encyclopedia understand, the three cases are invalid links common form on the website of the no use of search engine optimization, recommend you read more articles about the examples of five kinds of common chain without Shanghai Longfeng effect.


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