second, should have the courage to face the failure to win without pride and to lose with grace. A5 station is not difficult to earn money, earn a lot of money rarely. Many A5 owners are likely to face failure, some failure times, under continuous failure in this fight, some A5 owners choose to give up. In fact, every successful A5 webmaster is so come over, only the courage to face the failure, will slowly accumulate to a successful experience.

furthermore, we must be calm, avoid impetuous. As the A5 webmaster, even if do not understand the station program, you can also spend money to hire someone to do it. The real operation of its own website, we must rely on their own wisdom. After the line on the website how to promote how to profit and so on personal issues need to face, then we must be calm, quiet thinking about the next step how to do.

website operation mode is the key, feel this is a bit difficult, I personally think that the ideal mode is to attract the target people play, play well and earn money to play well on the left, in order to help the site to make money. But also.

this is the webmaster to learn technology, website promotion is done, there is a natural flow. The flow of a lot of things to do, most of the A5 webmaster know Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon is not so easy to do, so A5 owners should first strengthen the Shanghai dragon skills.

: the first website

seventh Chinese Internet webmaster will pull down the curtain, while also adding more sense to the webmaster A5. How to base has become a real problem webmaster have to face the fierce competition in the Internet, as A5 webmaster, we should be how to deal with this problem? I want to express some personal experience, and the webmaster to share.

second: operation mode

should have a good attitude, should also improve personal skills. Most of the webmaster is the grassroots level, just do not know how to start site procedures, do not know how to promote, also do not know how to operate, so blind to operate a website, it is easy to fail. As A5 should learn what professional skills?

A5 first, as a webmaster, I think that no matter how difficult, should have to deal with a calm state of mind, whether novice or experienced webmaster webmaster, no good mentality, it is difficult to succeed. It is necessary to mention that the webmaster low-key is often easier to earn money, not ambitious, not drift, not to do that day into a million dreams, heaven diaoxianbing thing generally does not occur in our heads.

finally, A5 as a webmaster, I want to say, want to make money, the first is to adhere to, when necessary, but also learn to give up. We admire those many years of successful operation of website owners. Now some webmaster do stand, and then sell, pocketing the difference. Web site operators do not go for many reasons, if do not insist on it, you give up again.

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