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: Swiss www.gudoi贵族宝贝 watch brand network published, please keep the link, thank you.

The above data analysis by


2, the next day after using nofollow Tags:

1, from the above data collected and included page can be seen as the product attribute links by screening a large number of the same content similar to the existence of a large number of the same content invalid URL address will be distributed website weight greatly, wasting a lot of time the spider crawling. So stop the search engine for the collection of similar pages and index has become an important problem. So, I of these product attributes page links using nofollow tags.

page of similar physiognomy links using nofollow analysis and the next day after the collection of spider crawling, love Shanghai included decreased from more than 5000 to more than 800, the noble baby has fallen from more than 40000 to more than 2000, and for spiders with nofollow tag pages crawling visible nofollow tags for search engine indexed and included blocking is very awesome.


uses the nofollow tag page crawling across the spider:

Hello, I am rain. For the nofollow label I am fond of, in front of me to give you a nofollow tag to use analysis of how to grasp the "degree" of an analysis of two cases in large network use and nofollow tags. Today I through the two day of the experiment to analyze the nofollow tag on the search engine indexed and included in the blocking effect. Nofollowr is the most used noble baby search engine, then love Shanghai has officially stated support for nofollow tags. The nofollow tag is mainly used in the not to tell the search engines to track all links with this label, don’t give in the chain to index and included, to prevent weight loss of irrelevant links. The nofollow tag is the most commonly used is the user registration, shopping cart, help novice, contact us, company introduction, about us, site statistics, site map, privacy protection and so on inside and outside the chain chain has nothing to do with the subject in. But the nofollow function of the label is more blocking invalid URL indexed and included, following the noffow label on the search engine indexed and included stop investigation:

days The data included results of


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