4. to write two articles original article, but may not be relevant and the theme of the article.


3. and find some Website Title Related videos and pictures to join the site before some relevant pictures into the post.

2. and the main keyword related long tail keywords collection to collect some articles for the original site after added height. The synthesis of an article for original I love to find a few articles after finishing. And some additional comments. I love to add the article and the article in the article 10 after the internal links work.

listen to me so much here to share my experience to the new optimization

1. select good keywords, long tail keywords of the station began to collect. And recorded in the text in the document.

this time a lot of smooth things, such as a ORG domain of Beian was canceled rather baffling! Some time ago did about one thousand IP traffic come to nothing! This is life! But what time will be dropped from the sky to the stone! But the mentality is very important, trade-offs do! Calmly! This is not an old domain name I long ago photographed by Beian! Speaking of the domain name has a history. In fact, the domain name is the first domain name when I contact the Internet application, the application is probably at the end of 2007. When using DW to do a few static pages, the content is tuzki. Rent a space junk throw up! Good luck, two months after the rabbit on the top three, every day there are thousands of IP, it was indescribably happy! Feel bright future! But was too shallow optimism, later web business has been sluggish. Just off the station, but because the domain name is the first of my application, I may have been a renewal of nostalgia! To today. This meter flexor calculation of age had more than three years old, accumulated a lot of weight.

collected some articles and information on the resignation of the last two days, I am three years old is ready to restart, to do a resignation report of the station. Talk about the result! The station filled in all and resignation, resignation letter articles (about ten papers) I made a few links. The second day Shanghai was collected, also brought some flow, not much, probably in two digits. In fact, according to the new experience (the current situation of Shanghai love love Shanghai) is included also won’t give you the weight, not to mention the traffic! But only released a home! But I quit this letter station not only released home also released a page. And there are some problems such as nurses, staff resignation of long tail traffic. This result may indicate that love Shanghai or will give a certain weight corn! Of course love Shanghai still has a problem is included in the first week suddenly station may give you some traffic, when again small updates will take you K off or serious drop right! So I will continue to pay attention to the trend of love Shanghai station.

According to the

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