after complaints wait for love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot update page snapshot, don’t know any of a few hours, the blog’s front page snapshot is updated to the day, it is also the latest title title, ranking from 11 up to second pages of page fifth, the original did not modify title before it is home page fourth, modify title should fall right down the right, but the rankings is about

website love Shanghai has been a snapshot of the webmaster concern, because people think the latest snapshot is an indicator of love Shanghai love Shanghai give the weights of the website, but also indirectly affect the site keywords ranking, so in the end love Shanghai snapshot and ranking sites have Never mind? I don’t love it here keywords Shanghai snapshot and ranking whether there is a direct relationship. Take a look at the principle of love Shanghai snapshot love Shanghai official, love Shanghai spider through the URL collection (link) to take up our website, Download crawling will be analyzed and then "pictures", if the page quality pass (love Shanghai and not on all pages in the collection, will be calculated meet the conditions included value "by a formula) will crawl the web snapshot and data into the database, and storing the snapshot, and then according to the page quality and content updates to make a natural frequency on the page updated to take up again. So we found a snapshot will appear at the same time when a web page update frequency fast, because when the new update was just a snapshot, snapshots will remain relatively old long before being discarded. So we can search different keywords, the same site there are a number of different time snapshots is so.

is a change prompted by a sudden impulse the title of the blog, blog since last May blog changes until yesterday has not done what big. There may be some things that looked at for a long time before I didn’t feel good, so that change will change the title of the blog, from the previous "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon _ Zhengzhou website promotion _ Xu Jinsheng blog" for now "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon _ blog Xu Jinsheng: Zhengzhou website focused Shanghai dragon research" search engine optimization analysis of course, this title is A5 Tang brother gave me written, self feeling is very good.

and snapshot complaints?

changed the title after sitting so love Shanghai update the new title, the second day of love or even before the release of the Shanghai title. To my blog update snapshot indeed faster, page snapshot is generally snapshot morning the day before, I also don’t change the title of the afternoon off. After looking at the "Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng modify the title" the keywords ranking, or to drop right to the second page 11. Think about it or complain about not updated snapshot, on the homepage of the Shanghai love lit snapshot snapshot complaints, or the more detailed description about the blog, modify the site title but not updated snapshot.

from the top of a section of love Shanghai snapshots

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