under the influence of the financial crisis, due to low cost, can be directly to consumers and other advantages, many traditional industries will focus on the popular online shopping industry is now popular. However, in the face of Taobao this "giant" type of opponents, as well as excellence, Dangdang, mall and other Jingdong in the field of B2C shengengxizuo years of oligarchs, the online shopping market after entering the opportunity where online shopping pattern oligopoly?? the latest report shows that in 2008 the turnover of Taobao, eBay, Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong mall and other 7 websites, online shopping accounted for 83% of turnover, especially Taobao’s online shopping turnover total turnover of online shopping 71.1%. coverage in the crowd, 84% of online shopping consumers who shop in Taobao, followed by dangdang.com was 20.2%, only 20.4% of online shopping consumers who in addition to Taobao and other 8 major shopping website consumption.

but in turnover, the coverage ranked second dangdang.com market share of only 2.7%. to calculate the turnover of the market share ranked second in the pat, was only 2.8%, and ranked first in the Taobao still has a considerable distance. Online shopping market prospects opportunities still exist, according to the same survey, because online shopping is convenient, cheap and so on, 89% of the respondents said optimistic about online shopping, there will be more and more people join the ranks of online shopping in the future. At the same time, the people who had had online shopping experience more dare to spend money online, online shopping began in 2007 as consumers in the online shopping in 2008 the average amount of 2136 yuan, is the beginning of 2008 1.73 times the average amount of consumer online shopping online shopping.

online shopping people to the future, therefore, although the online shopping market oligopoly pattern to make a lot of desire to enter the network of traditional enterprises to be wary, however, online shopping market determines the broad market prospects after the market entry opportunities still exist. In particular, the rapid development of the Internet payment industry, so that the traditional industry to enter and promote the threshold is greatly reduced. The new website access Alipay has become effective means to boost popularity, in July 6th, Alipay officially announced that it has more than 200 million users, Alipay open platform is decided, this huge consumer groups can belong to any of a shopping website. Because Alipay has been in the minds of consumers in online shopping to establish a safe and reliable market image, high user viscosity, therefore, access to the payment website popular and effective means of stimulating new sales. According to the survey, a new shopping site if you do not provide the service of Alipay, said very likely / may try to only a proportion of 20.9%, and if the Alipay service, said very likely / likely to try the proportion reached 72.3%, compared to Alipay does not provide services increased by 51.4 percentage points.

analysts believe that the growth in online shopping and the financial crisis under the dual stimulation, the traditional e-commerce industry will greatly accelerate the process. With Alipay has a huge user resources and mature service system of the third party payment platform for cooperation, after the small website have the opportunity to set up a "in expanding the online shopping market

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