with the development of Internet technology, e-commerce website design and development has encountered some unique challenges, we will always see some new online mall model. For the main product is to sell the site, the most direct pros and cons is the user experience and the conversion rate of purchase. However, there are some minor factors that may affect the success of an online shopping mall, which is not very easy to attract attention. Let’s look at some carefully designed online shopping malls and find out the small but important details.

1. Easy and clear navigation

when trying to sell products to tourists, the mall’s first requirement is: shoppers can accurately find specific goods, the need to effectively navigate to any product page, which is particularly important. When visitors can not find what they need will result in loss of sales opportunities, and therefore should make every effort to have a clear, logical navigation.

e-commerce sites are often faced with enormous challenges, because the navigation presented on the site is limited. New online shopping sites, such as the only product show (www.vpshow.com), are particularly careful in setting navigation, because it will become increasingly difficult to find what you want. General visitors to a mall are always trying to find a particular product. Different designers will design a different path, so that ordinary tourists as soon as possible to find a product. It is very helpful for the identification of potential navigation problems to allow adequate user testing at design time.


2. The design did not suppress the product

an e-commerce site should be focused on the purchase of products, and over the design of the style will dilute the attention of visitors to the commodity. More online shopping sites choose a simple and generous design, make the product more real to attract the attention of tourists. For example, we have done Apple Corp, apple in the design of their products, to maintain the basic principles of simple. Their online store uses the same approach, with a clean, attractive design, without any interference from consumers.

3. Easy checkout

e-commerce website user experience is the key to success. If there are too many steps involved in the inspection process, or confusion, consumers will abandon the purchase of goods. Ideally, the checkout should involve as few steps as possible.

4. Brand

many shoppers do online shopping, and commodity brands have a great influence on their buying decisions, so it is important to build a strong brand library.

5. Design style matching products

like any other type of website, e-commerce sites can have countless different design styles. However, in the design of an e-commerce site, it is important to consider the

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