recent period of about shlf1314 Adsense, can be described as a lot of uproar. Many of them have innocence, maniang, more people go find some tricky. In this regard, the younger brother quite feel. Therefore, write something to communicate with you.

common block:

1, click on their stand on advertising, this behavior is known as "invalid clicks". shlf1314 original policy: "we do not allow for any reason you click on your own ads on your site, because it might give advertisers cost increases". shlf1314 how to judge whether or not to click on itself, a widely circulated saying is "IP". Not really. Another very important indicator is cookies. Delete cookies All is well? No, because you will never be cleverer than shlf1314;

2, breach of shlf1314 exclusive policies, put on the website of shlf1314, sh419, Sogou advertising content properties. shlf1314 policy text: "we are not allowed to use shlf1314 search services for shlf1314 ads or search boxes to publish pages that we believe contain competitive advertising or services."." ;

3, description of shlf1314 advertising, the policy can not use "sponsored links" and "advertisement" beyond description. shlf1314 policy text: "publishers are not allowed to use" sponsor links "and" ads "outside of the text to mark the ad.." ;

5, other advertising for you, such as floating ads inadvertently blocked shlf1314 advertising sight? shlf1314 strictly states that any part of advertising is visible; the shlf1314 policy reads: "it prevents websites from browsing and covering shlf1314 ads.""

6, your website is MP3, pictures, movies and other websites have obvious copyright disputes. shlf1314 policy text: "shlf1314 ads should not be displayed on pages with MP3, video, newsgroups, and image results."." ;

7, your site if there are too many ads, here where the drift, flash, out of order seriously affect the user experience? shlf1314 policy text: "web sites should not contain too many";


was talking to an old employee about six months later, and his feedback surprised me. He said the speech had led many employees to misunderstand the company’s mistrust of themselves. What is particularly surprising is that my intention was to target employees who were not up to standard, but to discourage the enthusiasm of the best employees. Recalling the speeches of the year, my tone was similar to Wen’s article. Full of domineering, emphasizing values, but lack of respect.


says failure, and a successful case. Overseas business triumph when TouchPal, we are the biggest rivals on the court. With millions of dollars in litigation costs, the APP could be put off any time, and the company faces a life and death crisis. Whether or not the bad news was told to the team for the first time, there were differences among the founders.


yesterday, in addition to ma Dad’s article, said the layoffs was present inside the letter accidental scraper. But most companies have layoffs, but Wen Chenghui carefully conceal mentioning exposes scandalous, initiative, courage. After I read the article carefully, I felt that something was wrong. Indeed, the idea to pick out what’s wrong with, entrepreneurship is high risk, entrepreneurial companies need to attract talent is those yuandufushu. But what makes people uncomfortable is the tone of the article, always with a commanding tone. In a sense, downsizing may mean a strategic failure for the company. But in this article, I can’t see any sincere reflection.

but for a long time, I decided to write something. Because I am worried that this article will let many people misunderstand the founder, even cause confrontation between employees and management, I don’t want to take the blame. So as a founder, I feel I need to stand up and say a few words.


in order to prove that this is not a black manuscript, first from the black start. At the annual meeting of the year before last, I made a passionate speech. At that time, we have just completed the Sequoia C round of financing, I am careless to eliminate those who dawdle, inspire everyone’s entrepreneurial spirit. I thought it was a successful speech, but I found some of the very active and excellent employees began to slack off and even leave.

finally we chose relatively honest, called all of Lead, told us that the crisis, and frankly we need to go through thick and thin together. Unexpectedly, none of the backbones left that year

before deciding to write, I tangled for a long time. As a result, Wen is my friend, everyone is Sequoia investment enterprises, but also often encourage each other in WeChat, I appreciate the personality of 90 entrepreneurs. Secondly, layoffs is a sensitive topic, it will inevitably come out to refute a "hit" feeling. To be worse, any enterprise will have the day of layoffs, who knows what the future will be fall for

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